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Leland4 by Larissa Jaks

Leland and the Silver Wells premiere new video with Brooklyn Vegan

“‘Luck of the Draw‘” mixes West Coast flower power pop with a dash of twangy country in there too. (Think early Bangles.) We’ve got the premiere of the song’s video, written and directed by Mackenzie McCullough, and its Super-8 style really accentuates the song’s West Coast vibe.”

Watch the brand new video for Leland and the Silver Wells “Luck of the Draw HERE

HKS cover

Relix Magazine premieres new Helen Kelter Skelter video!

Helen Kelter Skelter release their blistering new album Melter last month. But they’re not showing any signs of slowing down. Relix Mag just premiered their newest video, for the single “Palamino.”

Check out the post here and pick up your very own white-vinyl copy of Melter here!

If you’re in Tulsa, you’re also in luck! They’re playing The Vanguard tomorrow night, the 2nd. For all of their tour dates, head over to

Video Premiere: Romeo Dance Cheetah – “The Air Guitar Song”

Romeo Dance Cheetah just premiered his new video for “The Air Guitar Song.” Be one of the first to see it!

The Fire Note says “At some point, we have all done it. A sweet rhythmic head toss, a powerful pelvic thrust, a double handed slide complete with a power chord strum in perfect synchronization. That is right – the AIR GUITAR!”

“What. A. Name. Not only is Romeo Dance Cheetah a US National Champion of air guitar, but he’s also a legit musician. This October, he releases his album, Magnificent Man. But it’s one thing to say he’s magnificent and another to show you just how magnificent. Today, we’ve got a video for his new song, “The Air Guitar Song”. This video, an ode to his craft, is a veritable Who’s Who of the air guitar world. Oulu, Finland hosts the World Air Guitar Competition on August 24th and this video will show there. So yeah, you can watch this and possibly see some competitors and a whole lot of crotch thrusting in the process”, boasts Earbuddy.

Check out Gold Star's video for "The Line" here!

The album Dark Days just dropped, and now we have a second video from Gold Star! The video for “The Line” is both dark & shadowy while being Warm & poppy. Give it a watch and check out his album!

Watch Reina Del Cid perform "The Cooling" live!

Reina Del Cid recorded a live music video for the title song off of her forthcoming album The Cooling, out this month. Filmed at Hymie’s Vintage Records in Minneapolis, Reina Del Cid’s vocals and the strings fill the low key setting.

Check out Stranger Cat's "Ecstatic Energy" music video!

This is a must watch! Stranger Cat has released the hilarious and amazing video for “Ecstatic Energy” off their album In The Wilderness from Joyful Noise. Filled with spectacular cat choreography performed in unitards, funky dancing silhouettes, and plenty of cute feline pictures. Check it out!

VIDEO: Watch The Deslondes perform "The Real Deal"

Off their forthcoming self-titled LP from New West Records, watch The Deslondes perform their track “The Real Deal” in band member Sam Doores’s backyard. The rustic, woodsy barn setting is the perfect backdrop for their brand of country-soul. Check it out!

Watch Round Eye's video for "City Livin'" here!

Ever wondered what it would be like to go on an urban adventure with Round Eye? The answers are in their new video for “City Livin’”, directed by Alessio Avezzano. Run, drive, and ride about Shanghai with the band, whose self-titled LP drops this month with a US tour in July!

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Watch Reptar Perform "Cable"

Filled with floating heads and cut-out shapes, Reptar’s “Cable” music video is absolutely ridiculously entertaining. It’s nothing short of a visual trip. You’ll be fully entranced within thirty seconds.

Watch Surfer Blood Perform "I Can't Explain"

Surfer Blood’s music video for “I Can’t Explain” is reminiscent of Vampire Weekend’s “A-Punk” video. Though the two videos are similar, Surfer Blood seems to have a sleeker style. It’s an entertaining and visually stunning four minutes.

Watch My Brightest Diamond Perform "This Is My Hand"

The video for “This Is My Hand” visually mimics the fusion of My Brightest Diamond’s ethereal vocals and the very concrete lyrical content of the song. It’s a simple arrangement of people yet they seem to be shrouded in an almost other-worldly haze.

Float Over Technicolor Landscapes in Giant Sand's New Video for "Transponder"

Giant Sand’s drudgy brand of alt-country can be difficult to classify. It would only make sense then that a video for its music would be equally as hard to pin down – a bright collage in motion depicting one’s journey around a world made of vintage magazine clippings. And though the two don’t sound like they would work together, they somehow mesh well and the result is nothing short of beautiful.

Watch Becca Stevens Band Perform "105" by a Campfire

Join Becca Stevens Band by the fire as they perform “105” from their new album, Perfect Animal. Stevens’ haunting St. Vincent-like vocals and her band’s warm instrumentation pair well with the videos’ dimly lit, night-time visuals.

Whitewash Video Premieres at Surviving the Golden Age

Whitewash is gearing up for their upcoming LP Shibboleth, and our friends at Surviving the Golden Age just premiered the video for their single “Dissociative Episode.”

Check out the video and the kind words Surviving the Golden Age had to say!

Brightest Young Things Premiered Guts Club's Video For "Marine Biologist"


Surfer Blood: "I Can't Explain" (Live in Austin, TX).

Jam with Surfer Blood’s latest single, “I Can’t Explain” in a van! This dreamy sound comes off the full length album, 1000 Palms from Joyful Noise.

Frogbelly and Symphony Get Spooky

Frogbelly and Symphony’s new music video for “Before I Die” may send a shiver up your spine. The black and white video is elegantly spooky and leaves you at a loss for words.

Lilly Hiatt's "Get This Right"

East Nashville based Lilly Hiatt releases her cheerful video for “Get This Right”. Hiatt’s light-hearted personality and raw talent shine through in what is a must-add to your spring playlist.

Becca Stevens Band "Thinkin Bout You"

Becca Stevens Band delivers “Thinkin Bout You”, a cover of the Frank Ocean song, in extreme rustic elegance. With rural elements and delicate vocals, this version of the song gives it a whole new meaning.

EULA's "Noose"

EULA’s music video for “Noose” is absolutely mesmerizing. With intimidating vocals and images of magical realism, “Noose” is the explanation behind EULA’s appeal.

Via Tania's "I See you Tiger"

Via Tania has brought us another song that is hauntingly beautiful. With dream-like orchestral sound waves and flowing vocals, “I See you Tiger” is luxuriously verdant.

Reptar's Video Premiere of "Amanda"

Athen’s own Reptar releases the pleasantly disturbing video for “Amanda.” Evenly weighted, Reptar delivers their upbeat song to a contrasting visual that leaves you breathless and infinitely wanting more.

Bust Has the Premiere of The Gods Themselves' Video for Their Cover of "Pony"

The God’s Themselves have answered all our prayers with a cover of Ginuwine’s “Pony,” and it is… there are no words.


Kenosha Kid debuts two new videos

Athens’ own Kenosha Kid dropped their new album, Inside Voices on March 3rd, and AXS recently premiered their spacey new video for “Map of the Universe”.

But wait there’s more! PopMatters premiered this fun video for Kenosha Kid’s new song, “Zombie Party”.

Ain’t no party like a zombie party.

Get these two great songs and more on Inside Voices, available on Bandcamp! Also check the tour dates to see when Kenosha Kid is playing near you.

VIDEO: Penny & Sparrow "Bread and Bleeding"

Check out Penny & Sparrow’s journey from the beginning in this great video for “Bread & Bleeding” off their album Struggle Pretty. Lovin’ what you hear? Check to see if the duo is coming to a venue near you! You can also purchase the album on iTunes.

VIDEO: Kuzin "Run Deeper"

Kuzin (pronoucned “cousin”) is the solo moniker of Jessica Maros. “Run Deeper” is from Kuzin’s debut album Cavity. Produced by Bill Reynolds, Grammy-nominated producer and member of Band of Horses, Cavity ranges from stripped-down acoustic confessionals to fuzzy, full-band freak-outs.

Want to hear more KUZIN? Check out the song “Cavity” on The Big Takover.

Be sure to grab the album when it drops March 3rd!

VIDEO: The Union Trade "Murmurations"

Check out the video for the track “Murmurations” from The Union Trade’s newest LP, A Place of Long Years via Tricycle Records.

This is a cinematic album that explores the power of places, physical and psychic, and the awe of phenomena both mysterious and natural. It includes in-studio contributions from Tricycle labelmates Nate Blaz on cello (Geographer) and Ann Yu’s (Silver Swans) hauntingly spare vocals,

A Place of Long Years is available via iTunes and Tricycle Records.

VIDEO: Paperhaus "Cairo"

Check out this great video for “Cairo” off Paperhaus’ recently released self-titled debut album. Is this video and song making your ears happy? Take a trip over to their website to purchase the full album! Also be sure to check their tour dates to see if they are performing near you.

VIDEO: Dengue Fever "Rom Say Sok" From The Deepest Lake

“Rom Say Sok” is from The Deepest Lake, the latest album by Dengue Fever available via Tuk Tuk Records.

The Deepest Lake finds Dengue Fever expanding their trademark psych/surf/Cambodian pop sound with African percussion, vocals that would make Exene and John Doe proud, sweeping melodies and extended psychedelic jams of songs that often time out after five or six minutes.

Do you like what you are hearing and seeing? Head on over to their store to purchase The Deepest Lake today! Also be sure to check out Dengue Fever’s tour dates to see if they are playing near you.

VIDEO: José González's "Leaf Off/The Cave" From Vestiges and Claws

José González recently released Vestiges and Claws via Mute Records. On Vestiges & Claws González has created a collection of songs that cohere just about perfectly, ensuring his position as one of the most important artists goin..

Check to see if José González is playing near you during his upcoming tour!

Brooklyn Vegan Premiered Guts Club's Video For "Trunkie"


VIDEO: Chelan's "Before It All"

Joshua Tree’s Chelan debuted the video for “Before It All” from their new album Equal Under Pressure. You can purchase the album, which features two remixes from acclaimed producer Kid606, from their Bandcamp.

The Vinyl District Premiered The Grizzled Mighty's Video for "Chantael"

(Read the post and watch the video over at The Vinyl District!)


It’s hard to tell what’s more disturbing in the latest Guts Club video for “All of the Babies”. Is it the creepy amount of infants sitting on a sofa or the almost phallic milk bottles and epileptic horses surrounding them?

The video and song come from the mind of Lindsey Baker who performs solo acoustic pop under the Guts Club moniker. Following on from her video for “Weird Boat” it seems Baker takes slightly weird but familiar grainy home video footage then draws illustration/animation around them. The result is a DIY crafty/America’s Funniest Home Videos vibe thrown in with some early 2000s anti-folk.

Ahead of the release of her forthcoming debut album, The Arm Wrestling Tournament we tried to find out more about Lindsey’s fascination with babies and horses.


Guts Club – “André Loves ELO”

Lindsey Baker is the driving force behind new project Guts Club. On February 10th, Guts Club will release The Arm Wrestling Tournament, which we can only expect is made up of somber, bedroom recordings that sound like what would happen if Dirty Beaches made a tour stop in Bradford Cox‘s bedroom. It’s eerie and tragic. The Arm Wrestling Tournament will be released by Important Records on February 10, 2015. Baker has shared a video of the non-album track “André Loves ELO”, which features André The Giant choking out Hulk Hogan in slow motion for its duration.


Debut: Dirty Lungs' "Space, Man"

Dirty Lungs have been sending out their own Southern sonic smoke signals from their Birmingham, Alabama home with their recent self-titled album from Communicating Vessels. Premiering the Paul Cordes Wilm video for “Space, Man”, The quartet here can be seen making the most of their days and nights, engaging in primitive art practices, skateboarding sports, pyrotechnics, to confronting their alien, spacemen-opposites that resemble their own image. What first begins as an extension of summer idleness and fireworks late into autumn turns into close, chance encounters with their intergalactic doppelgangers.

The video for “Space, Man” begins simply enough, with the band getting back to basics by drawing primal sketches with crayons while squatting in an abandoned home in their choners. Indulging in all the restless ways to pass the day, Dirty Lungs sketch to their hearts’ content before freaking out the neighborhood by skating along the suburban streets. Searching for a kind of rudimentary heaven on earth, the band finds something more with a box full of unused/full-fused fireworks that sets the explosive scene. Cuing up the climactic unleashing of grueling guitars and gravely moon howls, Dirty Lungs ignites the gunpowder chocked cylinders into a dazzling midnight dance like cave dwellers who have just discovered the advent and invention of fire. In the backyard aftermath of a wild night, outer-space alien others appear on the scene dressed in space-suited attire that contrasts the band’s own minimalist threads. A face-to-face, head-to-head battle ensues, until helmets are removed and Dirty Lungs meet their galactic matches who collectively gasp in an astonishment larger, and louder than collided universes. Carson Mitchell chatted with us further, providing the following thoughts on the video’s mix of skateboarding in your skivvies, to the joys of lighting off fireworks of dubious legality:

Skateboarding in your thunderwear [sic] is something that’s hard to describe without doing it. The feel of the cool breeze on parts of your body not normally seen by man is exhilarating, if not cathartic. The locals gaze upon you with curiosity, disgust, and confusion yet feel compelled to ask, ‘what exactly is it you are doing, young man?’ with the utmost concern. Little do they know that in a few hours, when the evening moon has risen and the stars are aligned, a display of gunpowder and bohemian excess will be entering their corneas and consciousness with no regard for reason or comfort. No amount of daily tasks, from walking the dog, jogging the neighborhood, or retrieving the trash can will stop 5 young men and a Sony HD camera from documenting your mundane domestic trials. They left their dignity at the door, did you ever have yours?

(Watch the video over at IMPOSE!)

David Letterman Wilco

Fun Team Clermont names, shmames, 'n games

In a meeting with the team the other day we were trying to come up with fun words, phrases, sayings or general language around our name, including misspellings, funny takes or roasts as it were. I’ll share a list here and welcome any additions you think humorous, or interesting..

Team Sharemont – we were doing concert ticket giveaways, SXSW laminates, vinyl, etc
Team Claremont – coz everyone has a friend Clare they love. or was it
Team Clairmont – Claire is sweet, she’s kind and caring, it’s not a fat girl’s name!
Teen Clermont – huh?
Teen Claremont
Team Claremount – who knows why someone added a mount to this horse, we are a team

Speaking of teams – these keep coming up: Are you guys a
soccer team (Clermont)
cycling team (Clermont)
Football team (Clairmont)
Surfing league (Claremont, California)
Tour de France cycling team

Are you guys in/from:
Clermont, France
Clermont Ferrand
Athens, Greece
Athens, Georgia? Where’s that?
Atlanta, GA
a town with a cycling team (Clermont)

Anyway, this list goes on and I add to it from time to time so keep ‘em coming and send in your additions or thoughts. cheers,
nelson wells at teamclermont
© 2010-2020 Team Clermont

VIDEO: The Casket Girls' "Sleepwalking" premieres on Paste

Paste Magazine premiered the video for The Casket Girls’ “Sleepwalking”, the title track from their debut album on “Graveface Records“ The Casket Girls is comprised of Ryan Graveface of Black Moth Super Rainbow and Dreamend, as well as the debut for vocalists Elsa & Phaedra Greene. Check the full article on Paste for their upcoming tour dates with Black Moth Super Rainbow & The Faint.

VIDEO: Still Flyin' premieres "Spirits" on My Old Kentucky Blog!

Still Flyin’ have premiered, thanks to My Old Kentucky Blog, another awesome music video from their forthcoming album On A Bedroom Wall (Ernest Jenning), this time for the song “Spirits”! The album is out on May 22nd in the U.S., and is going for adds the same day.

Senryu To Play Big Ears Festival, TinyMixTapes Debutes "MORNINGKIDNIGHTKID" Video!

Knoxville, TN outfit Senryu will be playing Big Ears Festival this weekend on Friday, March 26 at the Knoxville Museum of Art at 7PM and Big Ears Annex at 10PM. They also will play Big Ears Annex on Saturday, March 27.

Senryu will release Inkling, their first release on El Deth Records, on April 13, 2010! Check out their video for “MORNINGKIDNIGHTKID” below. You can also watch it on!

Check out their song “Inklings” (cleared to re-post.)

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Posted by Bill Benson on 03.25.10 0 Comments Article Link

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yukon sun

Yukon Blonde in Under The Radar

Check out Yukon Blonde’s video for the song “Wind Blows.” It premiered on Under The Radar on Sunday!

Jeff Innes (guitar), Brandon Scott (guitar), and Graham Jones (drums) are seen in an afternoon jam session with friends brewing drinks and doing what they do best.

Check out the write-up and watch the video at Under The Radar.

The band (in the midst of a North American tour) are hitting Pianos in NYC tonight. Check out all of the dates below!

03-03 New York, New York Pianos
03-04 Brooklyn, NY – Littlefield
03-05 Montréal, QC – Le Divan Orange
03-06 Ottawa, ON – Zaphod’s
03-07 Québec City, QC – Le Cercle
03-08 Peterborough, ON – Legendary Red Dog
03-09 Toronto, ON – Horseshoe Tavern
03-10 Hamilton, ON – The Casbah
03-11 London, ON – Call The Office
03-12 Barrie, ON – At The Five
03-13 Toronto, ON – CMW
03-17 Austin, TX – SXSW – The Mohawk (Austinist/WOXY party)
03-17 Austin, TX – SXSW – Habana Calle 6 (Showcase)
03-20 Austin, TX – SXSW – The Ghost Room (Team Clermont/New Granada party)
03-24 Thunder Bay, ON – Jacks
03-25 Winnipeg, Manitoba – Music Trader (in-store)
03-26 Saskatoon, SK – Amigo’s
03-27 Calgary, AB – The Palomino
04-01 Los Angeles, CA – The Mint
04-02 San Francisco, CA – Hotel Utah
04-04 Eugene, OR – Muse Lounge
04-05 Portland, OR – Backspace

Video: Slow Six "These Rivers Between Us"

Two videos from Smile Smile!

Smile Smile hit the road tomorrow in support of their latest release Truth On Tape, available February 9th from Kirtland Records. The duo will also be performing at SXSW in March.

Two awesome videos have been shot for Truth On Tape; “Tempo Bledsoe” and “Beg You To Stay”. Check them out below!

Smile Smile on Tour!

02.02•The Living Room (New York, NY)
02.04•The Living Room (New York, NY)
02.06•The Living Room (New York, NY)
02.13•The Doublewide CD RELEASE PARTY w/ The O’s & Giggle Party (Dallas, TX)
02.17•Troubadour w/Bob Schneider (Los Angeles, CA)
02.18•House of Blues w/Bob Schneider (San Diego, CA)
02.19•Kirtland Late Night Lounge (San Diego, CA)
02.20•Downtown Brewing Company w/ Bob Schneider (San Luis Obispo, CA)
02.21•Independent w/Bob Schneider (San Francisco, CA)
02.23•Hard Rock Cafe w/ Bob Schneider (Las Vegas, NV)
02.24•Club Congress w/Bob Schneider (Tucson, AZ)
02.25•Rhythm Room w/Bob Schneider (Phoenix, AZ)

Check Out Ruby Isle's video for "So Damn High (Will Eastman Club Edit)" on MAGNET!

Ruby Isle —Mark Mallman, Dan Geller (Kindercore Records co-founder) and Aaron LeMay (International Espionage)—plays dance music for the indie-rock set. In 2008, the boys released debut album Night Shot, and now there’s a digital-and-vinyl-only remix version of the LP. MAGNET is proud to premiere the video for “So Damn High (Will Eastman Club Mix),” the first single from Night Shot: The Remixes (Kindercore). – MAGNET MAGAZINE

So Damn High (Will Eastman Remix) by Ruby Isle from Blisspop on Vimeo.

Califone's Funeral Singers Featured on Pitchfork TV

Recently, Califone performed “Funeral Singers” from their album All My Friends Are Funeral Singers at San Fransico’s Great American Music Hall for Pitchfork TV. In addition to getting rave reviews for their October 09’ release, their feature film has been accepted to Sundance. The film, also titled All My Friends Are Funeral Singers, is being shown tonight in Park City, Utah. In addition the band will be performing from last year’s release. Touring since October, the band isn’t slowing down any time soon! In addition to Sundance, the band will be touring with Wilco on their Trans-Canada tour.

Check out the video for Funeral Singers below:


Arliss Parker's "Fax Receives A Letter/Besos" Video!

DAG! Records artist Arliss Parker has just debuted the video for the songs “Fax Receives A Letter/Besos” from his most recent album Handsome Like A Lion.

Photo by Clément Pascal

Arliss Parker – Fax Receives a Letter/Besos from Arliss Parker on Vimeo.

Seven Saturdays video for "Shallow End"

Jonathan D. Haskell’s latest release, the first under the new name Seven Saturdays (he previously recorded under the alias FIRS) hit stores only a week ago. Along with the release, Seven Saturdays has created a video for the self titled album’s track “Shallow End”. Check out the video below, which premiered first at Stereogum.

Keep checking in for upcoming shows from Seven Saturdays!

Boy Genius Premiere New Video Exclusively on Magnet

Brooklyn band Boy Genius premiered their new video for “Old New England” last night on Magnet Magazine’s Film at 11 . Their second album, Staggering will be released January 26 on Greenpop.

mp3: Boy Genius — Old New England

The band is currently on an East Coast tour:
01.23 • Golden West Cafe (Baltimore, MD)
01.24 • The Triple (Richmond, VA)
01.25 • The Cave (Chapel Hill, NC)
01.26 • The Garage (Winston Salem, NC)
01.27 • The Pinhook (Durham, NC)
01.28 • Drunken Unicorn (Atlanta, GA)
01.29 • Flicker Theater & Bar (Athens, GA w/ Dead Dog)
02.05 • Permanent Records (Brooklyn, NY Record Release Show!)
02.12 • Elevens (Northampton, MA)
02.13 • Toad (Cambridge, MA)
02.26 • Cameo Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)

Jookabox Premiere "Don't Go Phantom" Video!

Team Clermont was in attendance for last weeks Athens Jookabox show, and what an amazing evening it was! One of our favorite tracks from the Asthmatic Kitty stars is “Don’t Go Phantom”! They recently released a video for this track, the fifth video from their latest release Dead Zone Boys. This animated adventure features colored ghosts, random thievery, and mad scientistry!

Check it out below!

Lucky Pineapple - Cropper

Lucky Pineapple "Moment In An Empty Street" Video

Louisville KY band Lucky Pineapple recently released their album The Bubble Has Burst In Sky City on sonaBLAST! records. The band also shot a video for the song “Moment In An Empty Street”, depicting a day in the life of a a puppet, who is VERY down on his luck. It’s a pretty terrible day, at least until he finds a flyer for a Lucky Pineapple show. Let’s just say that it’s exactly what that puppet needed. The video was shot by Andrew Vittitoe of the band Ultra Pulverize

Jerry Fuchs, photo my Mike White (

R.I.P. Jerry Fuchs

Jerry Fuchs, drummer for Maserati, The Juan Maclean, !!!, and great friend to many died on Saturday, November 6th. For more details, see the New York Post article. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends. R.I.P. Jerry.

Photo by Mike White, Deadly Designs

This footage of Jerry’s drumming prowess was put together from various shows in Athens, Atlanta, Baton Rouge and Austin in March 2009, and was filmed by Fred Weaver.

New Video: Jookabox - You Cried Me

Halloween might be over, but you can still get your fix of vampires, ghosts and skeletons from Jookabox’s new video for “You Cried Me”.

Jookabox will release their new album, Dead Zone Boys, tomorrow (November 3) on Asthmatic Kitty.

Catch them on tour:
11.03 • The Treehouse (Columbus, OH)

11.04 • Thunderbird Cafe (Pittsburgh, PA)

11.05 • Mohawk Place (Buffalo, NY)

11.06 • Middle East Downstairs (Cambridge, MA)

11.07 • Bruar Falls (Brooklyn, NY)

11.09 • M Room (Philadelphia, PA)

11.10 • Cake Shop (New York City, NY)

11.12 • The Red and The Black (Washington, DC)

11.13 • Duke Coffeehouse (Durham, NC)

11.14 • Go Bar (Athens, GA) (w/ DJ Urban Turban, Team Clermont’s own Shil K. Patel, Promoter of the Year!)

11.17 • The Mink (Houston, TX)

11.18 • Hailey’s (Denton, TX)

11.19 • Starlight House w/ The DareDevil Christopher Wright and Winston Family Orchestra (Little Rock, AR)

11.21 • Vollrath (Indianapolis, IN)

Jookabox – You Cried Me
Directed by: Tom DesLongchamp
Art Director: Jessica Phoenix

Music Lovers - Cropper

Music Lovers Video "Saturday"

San Fransisco’s The Music Lovers make tunes heavily influenced by the works of Serge Gainsbourg, Godard, and 60s pop. It is no surprise that the video for “Saturday,” off of their killer new album Masculine Feminine would weigh in on those influences as well. The video is loaded with hot cars, sultry ladies lounging by the pool, and more split screens than five Woodstocks. Check it out!

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