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The Cropper!

A blog featuring #indie music, news, interviews, & the best darn songs west of Stockholm

Yachtclub101 cover


After four years of owning a bar in Oakland, CA and turning it into a profitable business, Covid brought it all to a grinding halt. The RIC was home to big drag shows, jazz groups, live band karaoke and a huge Skee-Ball league (SO FUN!). All has now been shut down for good. Scott moved from Bennington, VT to Oakland, CA in 1996 where he started several different bands to various degrees of success, the biggest of which was The Lovemakers who released a record on Interscope in 2005. The Lovemakers had a big regional hit, “Prepare for the Fight.” But after a big upswing came a big downswing and the band, although still having a solid fan base, released only one full length and a handful of singles in the last ten years. During that ten year period Scott played on several different projects. He played drums for a Gun Club tribute with Debbie Harry and Nick Cave, co-wrote a song with Chris Stein of Blondie, did a mashup with 50-Cent and played on countless Bay Area records.

Scott (Yachtclub101) is doing “3 records in 3 years.” That’s 10 songs per record and 7 videos per album, all in three years. All the songs are at least partially written. Because of the loss of his business and friend, suddenly the push to create the 3 best records he could write became literally life or death in his mind. The fear of an uncertain future and possibly dying of a virus due to a lifelong struggle with asthma made things crystal clear: Put as much music into the world as humanly possible, starting right now. Scott doesn’t care much about becoming well known or famous. He had his share of that when his last band became one of the most played bands of 2005 on Live105 in SF. His only goal is to spread happiness, especially during these times when it’s difficult to find anything to be positive about. He’s embarking on this ambitious project not as a reaction to the virus but as a positive hope for whats to come. “I don’t give a shit about fame or money and I’ve lived my life happily without either,” says Ayers. “I imagined every song on the record live as one of the first concerts after the virus has dissipated. That first six months of live shows will be crowds so happy to be literally anywhere it will undoubtedly be a really emotional experience. Being trapped inside the last five months and the everyday fear that you might be in a hospital tomorrow on a ventilator made this record a necessary dream of the future. When this crap is over I think people are just gonna want something fun and happy for a while and I plan on bringing that happiness to every single person in the world.”


Photos: Shannon Tanton

Bobbleheads cover

The Bobbleheads unveil ‘I Really See You’ video!

The good people at Thrive Global just premiered a new video The Bobbleheads. “I Really See You” is the lead single from their new LP, Myths and Fables due out March 29th, via PopPop Records.

Thrive says “[Frontman John] Ashfield’s voice, smooth and rich, conveys a retro roundness reminiscent of ‘60s rock, infusing the lyrics with silky timbres, as the radiant background harmonies suffuse the tune with depth. In fact, Ashfield’s dulcet voice conjures up memories of Howard Kaylan and The Turtles.” Read the entire piece here

Music Lovers - Cropper

Music Lovers Video "Saturday"

San Fransisco’s The Music Lovers make tunes heavily influenced by the works of Serge Gainsbourg, Godard, and 60s pop. It is no surprise that the video for “Saturday,” off of their killer new album Masculine Feminine would weigh in on those influences as well. The video is loaded with hot cars, sultry ladies lounging by the pool, and more split screens than five Woodstocks. Check it out!

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About The Cropper!

A blog featuring #indie music, news, interviews, & the best darn songs west of Stockholm

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