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king ropes covers cover

King Ropes

Bozeman, Montana-based King Ropes’ first three releases—their 2016 debut album Dirt, its followup Gravity and Friction and the EP Green Wolverine —introduced much-traveled frontman Dave Hollier’s richly emotional, sonically expansive musical vision. Hollier and his like-minded bandmates draw upon multiple lifetimes’ worth of musical inspirations to create vibrantly human, hauntingly original music.

The sense of musical history that’s long been a key element in Holler’s creative approach drives King Ropes’ new Go Back Where They Came From, on which the band offers personalized interpretations of a dozen songs originally recorded by other artists, incorporating material drawn from sources ranging from Ray Charles and Roger Miller to Willie Nelson and the Beastie Boys.

“Most of what I know about songwriting I’ve learned by covering other people’s songs,” Hollier reflects. “But I’ve never been interested in copying the original version of a song. The covers I love to hear are when someone takes a great song, and makes it into something new.

“On this album, we’ve tried to strip the songs down to the bare bones, and then build them back up again and take them pretty far from their original context,” he continues. “I’ve been thinking about cover songs for a long time, and I thought it would be fun to try a covers album with a bunch of songs from all over the map, and take those songs in a bunch of directions.”

That vibrant level of engagement is reflected in King Ropes’ perceptive, personally-charged interpretations of such notable tunes as Elton John’s “Rocket Man,” Steve Earle’s “Transcendental Blues,” the Woody Guthrie/Billy Bragg/Wilco collaboration “Eisler on the Go” and Al Green’s “Take Me to the River,” also popularized by Talking Heads, whose own “Drugs” also gets an equally memorable workout here. The album also features a pair of compelling dark horses in the form of songs by iconoclastic indie troubadours Mike Ferrio (Tandy) and Matt Mays.

“I hope this genre bending thing isn’t too heavy-handed, but I think that this record is a pretty upfront statement of us having a lot of different music that we love and are influenced by,” Hollier states. “It was a lot of fun taking a bunch of songs that might seem to have nothing to do with each other and getting them to hold together as a cohesive whole.”

The restless sense of exploration that drives Go Back Where They Came From has been a constant in Hollier’s musical life from the start. He first launched King Ropes—the name is borrowed from a Wyoming saddlery store—while a resident of pre-gentrification Brooklyn. The band was initially an outgrowth of the Brooklyn Rod and Gun Club, a low-key social club that Hollier launched with some friends. For six heady years, the Club hosted live music five nights a week, with Hollier hosting a weekly hootenanny night that evolved into a band, Home for Wayward Drummers, whose now-legendary three-hour sets incorporated hundreds of cover tunes, the better to inspire Hollier’s own songwriting efforts.

After several productive years in Brooklyn, Hollier temporarily landed in Los Angeles and rechristened his band King Ropes, in a nod to the music’s Western roots. He worked on recording some songs that he’d begun working on in Brooklyn. He began picking up live gigs around L.A., and worked on putting a regular band put together. He soon relocated, with his wife and new baby, to his original hometown of Bozeman, MT where he found several musicians who were receptive to his musical vision. Many of those players are still a part of the band’s ever-evolving performing lineup, whose effortless rapport and multi-instrumental abilities lend added gravitas and power to Hollier’s compositions.

“There’s a core group of about eight of us,” Hollier explains. “Those eight people have never been in the same room together, much less all played together at the same time. But at this point, each has gotten to know the others pretty well. Before moving back to Montana, I’d been living in L.A. and touring and recording with musicians who lived all over the country, so I just figured why not do that from Montana? But then I started playing with local people, and now at least half of the core players are based in Bozeman.”

King Ropes’ performing lineup compasses a diverse group of players from across the country, including Hollier’s son Sam, who lives in New Orleans and plays cello with a variety of outfits, and his daughter Lucy, who plays trombone and lives in Brooklyn.

“We’ve toured a lot in the last couple years,” says Hollier. “And though the lineup varies a bit from tour to tour, we’ve got a super solid core that’s evolved into a really nice combo of solid but loose.”

Hollier sees King Ropes’ adopted home state as a key element of his band’s identity. “It’s important to me that we’re from Montana, and that Montana has formed us in some key ways. Montana is an incredibly beautiful place, but it’s also harsh and unforgiving. The weather can be brutal and relentless and the distances are huge. It can be an isolating and inhospitable place to live, and the people can reflect that. There can be violence and poverty and substance abuse just like anywhere else, and the natural beauty of the place might make that harder to see. I think we’re getting better at reflecting both sides of that in the music we’re making.”

“I’m interested in the contrasts between urban and rural, eastern and western, sophisticated and raw, sweet and bludgeoning,” Hollier concludes. “People think it’s weird, a kid from Montana to move to New York in the ’80s. New York was pretty gnarly then, and Montana was really isolated, geographically and culturally, but those two extremes define who I am, and I think this music reflects that.”

1.Tall Trees – Matt Mays
2.Take Me To The River – Al Green
3.Drugs – Talking Heads
4.Rocket Man – Elton John
5.Eisler On The Go – Billy Bragg / Wilco
6.Girls Like Us – Tandy
7.Transcendental Blues – Steve Earle
8.Bloody Mary Morning – Willie Nelson
9.King Of The Road – Roger Miller
10.Neighbourhood #4 (Seven Kettles) – Arcade Fire
11.Song For The Man – Beastie Boys
12.The Danger Zone – Ray Charles

Press Contact: Bill Benson

Radio Contact: Nelson Wells & Adam Morgan



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Our radio department gets results through years of long-term working relationships with over 400 college, public, satellite, online and commercial stations across the U.S. and Canada. Campaigns generally last 6 weeks, and are strategically planned to meet the expectations of every client on each record. Simply put, we get radio airplay.

Team Clermont radio campaigns generally last 4-6 weeks to as many as 300 top-ranked college, public, community, NPR, satellite and online radio stations in the United States and Canada. We begin with the prep work in the weeks prior to the add date with calls, personalized and blast emails, press releases, sending links to videos and songs, and more. We schedule with, and post download links to, the radio trades such as NACC, Spinitron and Muzooka and announce the release to radio. Next, we focus on bringing in the adds and airplay during the week of the radio add date. Each week we do the same and provide our clients with Radio Tracking Reports which detail all actions taken by radio during the week as well as which songs are getting just how many plays when available.

Our goal is to get maximum airplay for each record and chart positions which reflect that airplay.

College, Public, and NPR radio promotion campaign rates may be discounted if combined with
PR campaigns so feel free to ask about those and our true-indie discounts.

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Our partnership with The Orchard allows us to operate as a digital distribution system to get your music into the stores, streams and outlets you want on a worldwide scale. We allow you to be your own label under our distributorship with your own dashboard and control panel to upload your own music digitally everywhere you want it to go, and our team takes only the industry standard 20% of sales. Then we pay you every quarter or every time you reach $250 in sales whichever comes first. Our team keeps only pennies when it’s said and done, but with a proper radio promotion campaign and combined with PR campaigns and Spotify playlist promotion campaigns, your sales could very well add up quickly.

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Our radio department and its successes are derived from all the many years of radio promotion work by our very own Founder, Nelson Wells, as well as by our VP, Bill Benson. Nelson began his college radio promotion career right out of college starting with indie bands from Richmond, Virginia such as The Technical Jed, Schwa, and others. Nelson’s 3rd client was a fairly unknown South Carolina band, called Hootie & The Blowfish. The band had $800 and asked Nelson to do radio promotion, press, distribution, and whatever he could to help them grow beyond an indie band. And that he did. Within weeks the band had sold 35,000 copies of their own independently released EP, and were quickly signed by Bruce Flohr at RCA where they went on to create a life-long career.

Nelson began Team Clermont in 1997 with then employee Bill to showcase and support small unknown talented young bands across the US, from Athens Georgia to Chicago, Illinois and beyond. Since then, the two have grown a small, respected music empire known for helping the small bands, the indiest of labels, civil rights groups, the downtrodden, the little guy, and the truly and fiercely independent artist and musician. Now 50% owner, Bill is also head of national publicity and press at Team Clermont.

In their personal lives Nelson and Bill both have been life-long consistent contributors and supporters of many non-profits and charities in which they believe. From Nuci’s Space to The ACLU, and from Community Connection to The Vic Chesnutt Songwriters Award, to The Jeanette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund their donations and support can be felt throughout the Athens community and beyond.

Get to know your publicist and promoter

Nelson Wells is a devoted dad to twin daughters, a dedicated business owner, and a generous contributor to and supporter of respected charitable organizations and civil rights groups worldwide and in his hometown of Athens, Georgia. He is also a civil rights activist and a defender of women’s rights, the rights of the LGBTQ community and has, for over 20 years, served on boards and/or donated to and supported groups who defend social justice and liberties for all minority groups especially those being oppressed.
Some charitable organizations and civil rights groups Nelson Wells has been involved with or contributed to include The ACLU – American Civil Liberties Union, Community Connection, Habitat For Humanity, Project Safe, sheltering women and children and protecting women from sexist or domestic violence or sexism in the workplace; Nuci’s space- protecting the lives of artists and supporting suicide prevention among artists and the Arts in Athens, Georgia; Lukas’ Fund – Helping Mothers and infants who find themselves in hospital NICU units; Also, The Jeanette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund which helps underprivileged women gain education and defend against sexism in education. Contact Rankin Foundation to learn about all of the support and donations Nelson has made in their honor and to women around the South for their desire for education. In 2006 Nelson began going to Nicaragua to enjoy the surf but also to donate and deliver clothing, shoes and donations of baseball equipment to poor local Nicaraguan families there who are in need of clothing, shelter, shoes and clean water.

Bill has been an artist manager, a radio promoter, a tour publicist, and is now our team’s head national publicist with over 20 years experience under his belt. He is the proud and dedicated father of two daughters and devoted husband to his sweet and kind wife, Erin.

Adam is our in-house radio promoter along side Nelson & the radio team as well as a junior publicist under Bill. Adam also currently runs his successful indie music blog, Surviving the Golden Age, where he’s been at the helm helping to expose and break young artists for 10+ years.
Adam worked in college radio in CT before heading to Los Angeles, and he now calls Athens, Georgia home.

Fréderique Hodges spent her early years in The Netherlands and following the indie music scene from Amsterdam to Antwerp. She now lives in Athens GA with her husband and baby daughter and keeps the books and Bill and Nelson in order at the Team Clermont offices.

Thank you for getting to know your promoters and publicists. Feel free to ask us any questions any time.

For more information on Bill, Nelson, and the entire team submit music or drop us a line below.

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In today’s frantic and busy world it’s hard to trust what can truly quiet the noise and cut through it to find meaningful avenues for the successful growth of an audience. ..A true fanbase.

Team Clermont understands what it means to find the most productive avenues to find meaningful growth. And we want to help the indie musician succeed. These days that requires many different avenues.
Playlists are just one of those… and playlist promotion is something our team offers. While we believe in Soundcloud, 8Tracks, Deezer, Youtube, and the others, the king of playlists is still considered to be Spotify.

Our team makes it easy to grow your audience by increasing your exposure on Spotify. With our exclusive worldwide partners, we’re able to find the best playlists on Spotify and get personalized suggestions of playlists that best match your genre and music with the right audience.

Our team will make sure you are placed on some of the most popular playlists while still targeting the appropriate audience on Spotify for your sound. Spotify playlists are currently the biggest drivers of digital traffic in the music industry, and Spotify playlist marketing is becoming one of the most essential music business services out there.

Again, we cannot guarantee placements to submitted playlists. Playlist additions are entirely at the discretion of each individual playlist curator. 

Our goal is to increase your audience and the most meaningful way to do that is by increasing your monthly listeners. It’s that simple. Let our team do what we are good at and get you the playlist exposure you deserve.
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Team Clermont reserves the right to refuse transactions with anyone who shows what we consider to be unprofessional behavior, disrespect to women, minorities, or other groups; we reserve the right to refuse business for anyone showing sexism, sexist behavior, or any behavior, lyrics or artwork that is degrading to women or the LGBTQ community, or their civil liberties or anyone we feel does not represent what we consider to be ethical in any way. Owners Bill and Nelson have defended the honor and civil rights of women and the LGBTQ community from discrimination or sexism their whole careers, and operate Team Clermont the same way. There are no refunds and no rush orders. Thank you for choosing our team for your music PR needs.

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