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A blog featuring #indie music, news, interviews, & the best darn songs west of Stockholm

The Advocate Interviewed It Was Romance's Lane Moore

Out entertainer Lane Moore is suddenly everywhere. The stand-up comedian created New York City’s popular Tinder Live With Lane Moore comedy show and acts in the Web comedy series Gold Stars. She also appears occasionally as one of the witty talking heads on all those pop culture–filled VH1 and MTV specials we relish. A longtime writer who’s penned humor pieces for The Onion and McSweeney’s, Moore has lately been earning raves for bringing a new sensibility about love, lust, and sexuality to Cosmopolitan as the magazine’s first openly queer sex and relationships editor.

Moore somehow finds time to also perform in her band, It Was Romance, whose debut album, available next week on iTunes, won raves from Pitchfork. Tonight the act takes to the stage as part of New York City’s zany annual Night of 1000 Stevies, a drag queen–drenched tribute to legendary Fleetwood Mac chanteuse Stevie Nicks.


One Minute With ... The Gods Themselves' Astra Elane

Once upon a time there was a band called Atomic Bride, about whom I once wrote that they sounded like, “Grimy psychedelic pop shoved kicking and squealing through a garage rock blender.” Said band liked that quote and used it as their band description on their Facebook page, then said band promptly split.

Rejoice however, as singer Astra Elane is back, with the boldly named The Gods Themselves and the self proclamatory, not lacking in confidence, exercise in self esteem building 1st single, I Am The President.

While there’s less psych, there a great deal more filth and gutter induced groove, that make The Gods Themselves an easy listening, attractive proposition, to these crust engrained ears anyway.

… and talking of filthy groovers, the very lovely Astra Elane, lead hollerer of TGodsT, took the time to go through our 1 Minute With … assessment. Take care dear readers, it’s a harrowing journey

1. Who are you, and what are you pushing?

I am Astra, daughter of Joe and Deanne. My band, The Gods Themselves is what I bring to the table

2. Do you believe in ghosts? Tell us why?

Yes! I had an encounter with one when I was 9 years old. It was terrifying, but also enlightening. The ghost was not malicious, but it was still a frightening experience that turned me on to the significance of spirituality at a young age.

3. What is your favourite Bon Jovi song and why?

I lived in NJ so I think I’m exempt from this question?

4. What celebrity deserves a good slap with a wet fish? What have they ever done to you?

Amphibi-Anne Hathaway. She has burned mine eyes with her obscenely large facial features!

5. If you weren’t in music what would be your dream job?

Service person for a handicapped dog.

6.How long do you spend in the shower? Describe your process?

I shower once a week and it takes me an hour and a half. It’s the goddamn hair that takes up all my time. Shampoo, rinse, repeat. Oil treatment, deep conditioning, detangling. I have my mother to thank for that.

7. What’s your favourite song? And what’s your guilty pop pleasure?

Geez Louise. Favorite song for the moment is: “Beyond the Clouds” by The Poppy Family

Guilty pleasure: Anything from the early 90’s magnificent new jack swing era: Bel Biv Devoe, Tony Toni Tone, Color Me Badd Al B. Sure, etc.

8. Name 3 things you can do with a brick

Scramble eggs
Apply lipstick
Knock the big bad wolf over the head

9. If you were a fruit which one would you be and why?

A banana because I love all things banana flavoured!

10. What’s your favourite colour, and what does that say about you?

I love a bright, tacky, glossy orange-red. It says that I’m Italian and I like all things shiny and gaudy.


Meghan Wolf talks about Theory Of Gravity!

One of our favorite new female artists Meghan Wolf recently sat down and chatted a bit about her latest release, Theory of Gravity. The Brooklyn native talks about her influences, as well as the the hands on approach she takes to make this record her own. The full interview can be viewed below.

Meghan Wolf will be peforming on February 5th at Bowery Electric in New York.

911-Blog Interviews Bear in Heaven

Will at WDUB interviewed Adam Wills, bass player for Bear in Heaven for their station blog,

“911-Blog was fortunate enough to score an email interview with Adam Wills of Bear In Heaven, recent recipient of Pitchfork’s “Best New Music” honor for their new album, Beast Rest Forth Mouth. If you haven’t gotten around to listening to Bear In Heaven yet, their sound treads a unique path between electronica, prog, and southern rock. Look for downloads of their tracks “Wholehearted Mess” and “Lovesick Teenagers” (my new favorite song) after the interview.

Q: You have a pretty unique sound. There’s definitely influences of psychedelic rock and electronica, but it’s more than that. What are your biggest influences and how did your sound develop?

A: We get asked this question a lot, and I wish there was an answer.. It would be much easier to say, oh.. we are referencing this and we always wanted to sound like that, but honestly, this is not a topic of discussion amongst the band. We talk about beer and girls and life, spirituality and football… We tell jokes and of course listen to music and share new discoveries and old favorites… I’m sure it’s happened, but I certainly can’t recall any specific conversations on what we wanted to sound like..I will say, I think we have pretty deep and robust listening habits. We circumnavigate every genre.. We love it all, that being said, we sure hate a lot too.. That’s the magical thing about music, there’s SO much of it. I will say, we get the most excited when people compare us to This Heat.. that’s one of our shared favorite bands, and it’s cool when people drop that name, though, to my ears, we don’t sound a thing like them. I saw a tweet recently that described us as “Moroder mixed with Toto” hahah, I love it, I kinda think that nailed it.. As far as how we got to that “sound”… You tell me.. Mix all of the ingredients of 4 really good friends, 6 years of busting our ass, lots of mistakes, lots of bad shows, alienated crowds, mushrooms, late nights, thrown drumsticks, hugs, laughs, hours and hours and hours and hours of practice space recordings, editing editing editing, not a lot of talking and a whole lot of doing.. And now we’re here.. Wanna make a bet? The next record will sound completely different.

Q: What’s your mission in music? What do you all want to accomplish with Bear In Heaven?

A: Personally, my favorite aspect that comes with playing music, is new friends. I love how you can pull into a town on tour on a Tuesday night meet 10 new people, go to their house after the show, drink some beers, talk laugh, next thing you know it, it’s 5am and you’re in the middle of a “friendship pyramid with 15 people” and you’ve got new best friends in a town you’ve never been to. And how did that happen? Our band happening to have a show was the impetus for the entire evening, how rad is that.. I think we just wanna tour, make music, have people like it, make new friends, make our label some money, and write our memoirs. But all in all, there is no goal.. We have a strong desire to see this project through.. the door seems to be wide open right now, and it’s thrilling to know, we have no idea where it’s going or how it’ll end, we’re just all smiles for the ride.

Q: How does it feel to be considered “Best New Music” by Pitchfork standards? Is this a big deal in the industry? Have there been any immediate repercussions from receiving this title?

A: It feels great. It’s a bizarre phenomenon most certainly. But any sort of confirmation/affirmation that we made a good record, whether it’s my dad telling me how much he plays the album at home, a 16 year old on myspace leaving a comment or Pitchfork giving us their seal of approval.. It all feels really nice. My dad’s personal tastes don’t open as many doors for us in the music world as Pitchfork does of course, kinda wish it did!

Q: What’s next for Bear In Heaven? Any tours, collaborations, remixes, new records on the horizon?

A: Tour tour tour.. Sorting it all now. 2010 should be nice and crazy, we are hoping. USA, Europe, Japan and Australia, all being sorted out. Get stoked. Remixes are being pumped out now.. Tons of friends are coming forth wanting to remix certain tracks, we are really excited about that.

Q: Where did the name Bear In Heaven come from?

A: We named it after a painting, many, many years ago. Funny how things have worked out in the world of band names, but what can ya do… We wouldn’t change a thing.”
-Will Buckingham

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