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A blog featuring #indie music, news, interviews, & the best darn songs west of Stockholm


AthFest 2015 is Here!

The best weekend of the summer is upon us! That’s right, it’s AthFest 2015 – Athens, GA’s annual extravaganza of art and music. AthFest sets the city’s uniquely laid-back music city vibe as a stage for a stacked lineup of local artists and bands from around the country. The three day festival features two free outdoor stages as well as the Club Crawl, where music venues hold indoor shows throughout the night.

In our excitement for the weekend, we here at Team Clermont have generated a handy AthFest 2015 Show Schedule, designed by Kaanchee of WKNC 88.1 FM , which will allow you to plan your perfect weekend and not miss a show. Click here to download!

What’s more, our staff & interns have taken this show schedule & designed their dream AthFest Weekend – highlighting the sets we can’t wait for this weekend. Check out where you can find us!

Melissa’s Club Crawl Schedule // Melissa’s Outdoor Schedule
Madeline’s Club Crawl Schedule // Madeline’s Outdoor Schedule
Bri’s Club Crawl Schedule
Shil’s Club Crawl Schedule // Shil’s Outdoor Schedule
Emily’s Club Crawl Schedule // Emily’s Outdoor Schedule
Camilla’s Club Crawl Schedule // Camilla’s Outdoor Schedule
Collin’s Club Crawl Schedule // Collin’s Outdoor Schedule
Ellie’s Club Crawl Schedule // Ellie’s Outdoor Schedule
Jonny’s Club Crawl Schedule // Jonny’s Outdoor Schedule
Sarah B’s Club Crawl Schedule //
Sarah B’s Outdoor Schedule
Sarah G’s Club Crawl Schedule

We’ve also spotlighted some of our favorite artists that’ll be playing the festival this weekend to give you a taste of what joys await at AthFest. With so many venues, the lineup truly offers something for everyone. Check out these artists’ profiles!

Surfer Blood
New Madrid
Davey Pierce
Ruby the Rabbitfoot
Grape Soda
Dead Confederate
Grand Vapids
New Wives
Five Eight
Thayer Sarrano
Cicada Rhythm
The Whigs
Muuy Biien
Cult of Riggonia
Kenosha Kid
Double Ferrari
Mind Brains
Music Band
Oak House

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AthFest Artist Spotlight: Shehehe

Drawing heavily from the always divisive genre that is punk, Shehehe have been making their music loud and proud since 2011. They call their style “new American Jet Rock”, a sound born in Athens and solidified through a packed calendar of out-of-town show dates. Its influences include the Sex Pistols, The Ramones, and The Runaways, and their raucous playing style readily evokes the heyday of the 70s punk world. What sets the group apart from that landscape is their half-male, half-female make-up. There’s no rock-and-roll gender bias here, with Nicole Bechill and Noelle Shuck taking center stage alongside fellow members Jason Fusco and Derek Wiggs. With gang vocals and catchy, driving beats, it’s pretty obvious they’re out to have a good time. You’d be hard pressed not to mosh with the best of them at a Shehehe show.

The band has released two albums, their most recent being 2014’s Rock and Roll Queen.

Check out their video for “Ghost Of” of their first album American Jet Rock here, as premiered by Flagpole:

Come out for Shehehe at Athfest 2015 – they’ll be at 40 Watt on June 27th!

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Posted by Ellie Enquist on 06.26.15 0 Comments Article Link

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AthFest Artist Spotlight: Warehouse

Warehouse has a nostalgically wonderful beginning — two of their members first met in elementary band class and would eventually reconnect at a house party to form the band. It’s a pleasant origin story for the group of pals, self-described as “classic Americana futurism”. Since that faithful reunion, Warehouse has been hard at working touring and recording, drawing from a multitude of influences to make its brand of art-punk. Though they were locally recognized for a couple of years, their jump into national attention occurred in 2013 when Deerhunter‘s Bradford Cox listed them amongst his Best of 2013 on Pitchfork.

In the midst of this wave of hype, the band released their debut album, Tesseract, on Bayonet Records, a label started by Beach Fossils front man Dustin Payseur . The LP showcases vocalist Elaine Edenfield’s gritty, ghoulish vocal style over crashing drums and hard-strummed, but colorful guitars — a combination that’s quick to build musical tension before relieving it beautifully. The sound evokes the post-punk aesthetic of the past without losing their new-wave sensibilities and desire to forge their own way. In their review, Exploding in Sound called the album “a graceful excursion through dissimilar influences, all coalesced in a knotty, barbed package.”

Give a listen to the gruff-but-poppy “Omission” here:

Warehouse will be at the 40 Watt on June 27th as a part of AthFest 2015!

Double Ferrari

AthFest Artist Spotlight: Double Ferrari

There’s guitar driven rock & roll, and then there’s what Double Ferrari puts on stage. Their style is no-holds-barred shredding, all-encompassing and in your face. AthFest represents a big milestone for the group: the band’s one year anniversary, which will be celebrated with its hometown crowd. The past twelve months have been wildly productive for the group who’ve played shows all over Athens as well as MAGFest in Maryland. They’ve hit the ground running in terms of style, taking the term “face-melting” and multiplying it by ten. The band’s double guitars duel and duet, intertwining driving riffs with hard strummed chords that are to ignite the crowd during their late-night set at Caledonia this weekend.

Check out the band performing “Nuke The Whale” at Caledonia Lounge last year & get a sense of the fire behind this band:

Double Ferrari will be tearing up AthFest 2015 at Caledonia Lounge on June 26th.


AthFest Artist Spotlight: Pujol

Pujol, the brainchild of Nashville’s Daniel Pujol, is bringing his DIY-fueled sound to the Georgia Theatre rooftop this Athfest. His most recent release, Kludge, showcases the all-in nature Pujol puts into his music. He chose to record in the offices of a Tennessee nonprofit called The Place, setting up his equipment to record overnight while the office was closed. What resulted was a captivating mix of 70s punk, glam-pop, movie references, and an acoustic departure that calls to mind a Dylan song. “Kludge”, according to Pujol, means “an ill-assorted collection of parts assembled to fulfill a particular purpose”, and indeed Pujol has managed to take pieces from corners of the musical landscape to make his sound come together. CMJ noted how “every song on Kludge sparkles with battling layers of crackling guitar, tinkling sounds, glittery guitar licks, snares like a 100 hands clapping, loads of harmonic back-ups vocals, crashing glass, uh, maybe even some lion growls, who knows”, while Consequence of Sound writes that his the vocals and production showcase the “sophisticated songwriting (that) spins pop culture references and commentary on the current state of society into poetry.”

Check out the awesomely jarring and modernly punk rock video for “Manufactured Crisis Control” right here:

Catch Pujol on the Georgia Theatre rooftop on June 26th at AthFest 2015!

Cult of Rigonia

AthFest Artist Spotlight: Cult of Riggonia

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard anything like Cult of Riggonia, a psychedelic collective from Macon, GA. They were perhaps described best by The 11th Hour: “Cult of Riggonia could really be from another time, or another planet. There are snippets of ancient Aztec worlds mixed with remote Appalachian villages, mingling with a lost order of monks, feeding through a Martian amplifier. And somehow it is all still pleasing to the ear. We recommend open minds, eyes and ears for this one.” But even this can’t capture the myriad of sounds, instruments, and experiences that come from Riggonia. Delve into their captivating Twitter presence and Whe’re Waldo-esque mural of a website to get a taste of Riggonian culture and ideals.

Since the band’s incarnation, they’ve self-released several volumes of music and recently released their first full-length LP with Cloud Recordings entitled Nematode Rodriguez Presents​.​.​.​/​Harry Chanchfield Presents​.​.​.. Creative Loafing called it “a freewheeling drive of lysergic, Southern-rooted psychedelia that takes shape as a schizophrenic blur of vibrant, rhythmic absurdity.” The tracks are thick with vocal yelps, aural twists, and layers of keys, drums, and the unrecognizable.

The final capstone on Riggonia culture is their live performances, explosions of sound and color on a crowded stage. Check out their past show at Go Bar here:

Don’t miss Cult of Riggonia at Athfest 2015, playing Go Bar on Friday 6/26

Kenosha Kid

AthFest Artist Spotlight: Kenosha Kid

Seamlessly threading jam vibes with serious jazz cred, Athens’s own Kenosha Kid has been intriguing and delighting crowds since their 2004 inception. It’s normal to hear melodies and instrumentation that is “unexpected”, “uniquely blended”, and “a different breed” in their music, which has been praised by the likes of Popmatters and AXS. Kenosha Kid crosses conventional musical borders, and it’s an awesome genre-melding journey for the listener. Kenosha Kid has carved out their own corner of music, with sultry jazz horns over driving drums and guitar.

Greenville Journal called their music “simply wonderful to listen to: somehow soothing, exciting, experimental and melodic all at once.” When reviewing their most recent release Inside Voices, Flagpole called the track “Mushmouth” a “nimble exercise featuring sultry, wayfaring grooves”. Kenosha Kid has made an impression as innovators and creators, continuing to delight with their modern jazz blend for over ten years.

Check out Kenosha Kid playing “Liberty Bell” at this past March’s Slingshot Festival here:

Be sure to catch Kenosha Kid at Hendershots on Saturday, June 27th at Athfest 2015!

Davey Pierce

AthFest Artist Spotlight: Davey Pierce

Davey Pierce – known for his involvement in both of Montreal and Yip Deceiver- steps out on his own this AthFest, co-headlining at The World Famous with JLP. After playing with of Montreal for some time, Pierce and some fellow members of the band decided to branch out in a decidedly more dance-oriented direction with Yip Deceiver. Their 2013 debut, Medallius, was described deliciously by Under the Radar Mag as “sweaty, bleep-bloopy digital pop, like Hall & Oates making hot, sweet love to a Nintendo Game Boy.” As Davey himself put it: “We pride ourselves on our grooves”. For him, it’s all about crossing sounds and influences to make the music he wants to dance to; what comes out of this desire is infectious and new.

Check out Yip Deceiver’s striking video for “Presets”:

Davey Pierce hits AthFest 2015 at The World Famous on Friday, June 26th!

Five Eight

AthFest Artist Spotlight: Five Eight

Seasoned vets Five Eight are back in Athens for AthFest 2015, this time playing at The Foundry. They call themselves “The Greatest Band That Never Was”, but over two decades of well-loved releases and sold-out tour dates prove their efforts haven’t been for naught. Since 1992, Five Eight has been recording their emo-tinged post-punk across seven albums and performed with the likes of REM and Cheap Trick. They’re one of those acts to remind you that there’s more to a band than record sales, and several blogs have agreed. Their 1994 release, Weirdo, established the group as a no-holds-barred, guitar driven rock, while 2000’s The Good Nurse garnered wide praise for its gripping and haunting storytelling.

In 2012, NPR’s All Songs Considered called them one of “Top Five Bands That Should Be Way Bigger Than They Are” for their “melodic, crushing rock”. Check out a throwback performance of “Weirdo” from 1993:

Five Eight will be back home for AthFest 2015, performing on Friday, June 26th at The Foundry!

Athfest Artist Spotlight: Thayer Sarrano

On June 26th, Athens, Ga’s own multi-instrumentalist, Thayer Sarrano, will be taking stage at the 40 Watt as part of the 2015 Athfest Music and Arts Festival. After working with well-known bands including Cracker, Camper Van Beethoven, T. Hardy Morris, of Montreal, and many more, she released her debut album, King, in 2009 and her critically proclaimed LP, Lift Your Eyes to the Hills, in 2012. Lift Your Eyes to the Hills combines Sarrano’s intimate vocals with haunting guitar reverb, keys, drums, and pedal steel to create a dreamy southern-infused sound. JamBands praises Sarrano’s most recent LP as an, “impressive album from a young musician with talent beyond her years.” Classically trained as a child, Sarrano is a multitalented instrumentalist that, when not performing, passionately works as a counselor for Nuci Space’s rock and roll program, Camp Amped. Her most recent album was released as a charitable campaign for the camp. Touring throughout the U.S. and Europe, Sarrano plays interesting and intimate live shows that showcase her haunting presence. Thayer Sarrano’s melancholy tunes tell stories of love and loss with her echoey and soft voice, dubbing her Americana Uk’s “queen of shoegaze”.

Below is her video for “Gates,” a single from her 2012 release Lift Your Eyes to the Hills.

Be sure to check her out at the 40 Watt on June 26th!

Dead Confederate by Jason Thrasher

AthFest Artist Spotlight: Dead Confederate

The Georgia Theatre will be rocking hard into the wee hours of the morning this AthFest with local favorites Dead Confederate playing a 12:45 AM set. Since 2006, Dead Confederate has been serving up a local brew of alternative, alt-country, grunge, and psych rock all over the country. The band, an old school five piece rock outfit, has toured extensively as headliners, with acts like REM and Dinosaur JR and on stages such as Bonnaroo, SXSW, and The Late Show With Conan O’Brien. They’ve consistently drawn positive comparisons to Nirvana and My Morning Jacket, while being celebrated for their uniquely sprawling Southern Gothic style.

Since their inception, Dead Confederate has released three EPs and three full length albums, the latest being 2013’s In The Marrow. Paste Magazine described the album as a “testament to how tortured souls often write the sweetest hooks” and praised the haunting quality of Hardy Morris‘s vocals. In their review, PopMatters described the album as evoking “the dark, murky swamps of the American South and all the doom they entail”. Since releasing In The Marrow, Dead Confederate has stayed busy playing festival and tour dates, as well as branching off into multiple solo/independent projects.

Check out the band performing “Guns” here:

Head down to the Georgia Theatre on Friday, 6/26 to catch Dead Confederate at AthFest 2015

Surfer Blood

AthFest Artist Spotlight: Surfer Blood

Hailing from West Palm Beach, FL, Surfer Blood stormed onto the scene with 2009’s “Swim”, which was ranked by Pitchfork as one of 100 Best Tracks of the year. Then came months of festival and performances, garnering buzz at SXSW, CMJ Music Marathon, and an epic stint opening for The Pixies. They’ve become known for their sunny melodies and shiny hooks, drawing comparisons to both Weezer and The Smiths for their contrastingly pop sound and darker, more evocative lyrical content. Between 2010 and 2013, the band released two full-length albums – Astro Coast and Pythons – and an EP Tarot Classics.

After a brief gap and a switch-up in its label, the band returned to their DIY roots and released their third album 1000 Palms on Joyful Noise recordings. The album has been praised throughout the internet, being called “consistently lovely” by Pitchfork and seen as a “mature return” to the subtle-surf rock of earlier releases by Detroit News . Now they’re back on the road, a revitalized touring band melding the style that launched them onto the scene with the lessons and growth that six years as a band will bring.

For their latest single “Island”, Surfer Blood invites us on a beach weekend complete with sandcastles and bucket hats. Check it out:

Don’t miss Surfer Blood at the Georgia Theatre on Saturday, June 27th during Athfest 2015!

For more info contact Nelson Wells
or Bill Benson

The Whigs (photo by Joshua Black Wilkins)

AthFest Artist Spotlight: The Whigs

Every music festival needs its share of good old fashioned rock bands, and The Whigs are here to help fill that quota for AthFest. The local trio has been spreading their garage rock revival through five studio albums, tours with The Black Keys, Kings of Leon, and Drive-By Truckers, and a notable roster of late night TV appearances. Impressively, Rolling Stone called them one of the 10 Artists to Watch shortly after the group released their debut album, Give Em All a Big Fat Lip, in 2005. Their latest release, the multi-dimensional Modern Creation , was termed “catchy” and “addictive” by Blurt Magazine just this past year. These seasoned vets will be bringing their hook and drum driven sound back to Athens for another round with its hometown crowd, sharing a AthFest headlining bill with New Madrid, another group of hometown boys.

Before his retirement, The Whigs played on The Late Show with David Letterman four times(!), most recently this past May. Check out their performance of “Hit Me” from the show (guest starring Dave’s clear desire to check out Athens. Hey Dave, celebrate retirement at AthFest!) here:

Head down to the Pulaski Street stage on Friday, June 26th to catch The Whigs at AthFest!

Ruby the Rabbitfoot

AthFest Artist Spotlight: Ruby The Rabbitfoot

Another local favorite playing AthFest this year is Ruby the Rabbitfoot, whose keen and dreamy voice propelled her sophomore album New As Dew on Normaltown Records to great reviews, including a seven on PopMatters and was termed the “perfect soundtrack for spring” by Flagpole'. Ruby is known for mixing her light and flowing sound with cutting, impressive lyrics. She’s threaded with her influences, from Southern flora and fauna to Fiona Apple. She has transformed from a college student dipping her toes in the water to a full-fledged artist. Her tracks are deeply personal storytelling pieces. Don’t let the muted quality to the music fool you, Ruby the Rabbitfoot has come into her own confidence and folk-tinged flair.

Recently, Ruby performed a divinely intimate set for Sofar Sounds Dallas, where her gentle tones and softly strummed guitar melded with the low-key intimacy of the venue. Check out her performance of “Misery” here:

Don’t miss Ruby the Rabbitfoot playing Little King’s Shuffle Club on Saturday, June 27th during AthFest 2015!

New Madrid

AthFest Artist Spotlight: New Madrid

Summer has hit Athens, which means the city is gearing up for AthFest 2015, the annual music and arts festival that takes over downtown for three of the best days of the year.

Filling a primetime spot on the main outdoor stage is local favorite New Madrid with their inimitable new hybrid form of Southern psych-influenced rock. These guys are major road warriors, touring with a unwavering stamina and putting on seasoned stage shows all over the country.

The band is no stranger to the studio either with two studio releases, 2012’s Yardboat and 2014’s Sunswimmer, released on Normaltown Records. Sunswimmer was heralded throughout the blogosphere, receiving seven stars from PopMatters. Still, live shows play a huge part in the band’s recorded music. According to guitarist/vocalist Phil McGill, “The songs [on Sunswimmer] were heavily informed by the live setting, and were written while steadily running around the south playing shows in a variety of spaces.”

Most recently, New Madrid released the strikingly visual video for “Forest Gum”, created with visual artist and fellow Athenian, Michael Siporin Levine. Paste premiered the video last February, which the band says is about “letting the subconscious do the work.” Check the video out below:

Mark your calendars for AthFest – New Madrid plays the Pulaski Street stage on Friday, June 26th!

Join Team Clermont & Aquarium Drunkard for an AthFest Party and Showcase!

Join Team Clermont and Aquarium Drunkard on Friday, June 26th, 2009 for an AthFest party and showcase at Nuçi’s Space in Athens, Georgia! AthFest is an annual music and arts festival held in downtown Athens, Georgia that showcases the Athens area musicians, bands, and artists, as well as those not from Athens. Come hang out, enjoy a beverage, and watch special performances by the Modern Skirts (their only AthFest performance,) Liz Durrett, and Circulatory System (their only AthFest performance.) AthFest wristbands and/or donations to Nuçi’s Space are welcome and encouraged.

Team Clermont & Aquarium Drunkard AthFest Party and Showcase

Friday, June 26th, 2009, 8:30PM @ Nuçi’s Space (396 Oconee Street, Athens, GA 30601, Map)

Performances by…

The Modern Skirts — 10:15PM
(Only Athfest performance.)

Circulatory System — 9:30PM
(Only Athfest performance.)

Liz Durrett — 8:30PM

Nuçi’s Space is a non-profit health and music resource center in Athens, GA. The aim of the organization is to prevent suicide by providing obstacle free treatment for musicians suffering from depression and other such disorders as well as to assist in the emotional, physical and professional well-being of musicians.

Team Clermont is a proud supporter of Nuci’s Space and their
Camp Amped program for budding musicians.

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