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Bellows, Nathaniel

Release Date: December 11, 2020



Nathaniel Bellows new album is titled, Three, but not only because it is his third record. He wrote these songs over the last three years, when his father’s health began to rapidly diminish and degrade—and he continued to write after his father died, last March, the third month of 2019. The 8 songs represent a deep, personal exploration of protracted mourning and grief, with each song accompanied by a detail of a drawing from a series he’d been creating since his father passed.

His two previous albums— The Old Illusions (2016) and Swan and Wolf (2018) were self-released and mostly self-produced. “However, given the intimate and personal nature of Three, I knew I needed to work with a producer. So I sent 6 demos to Malcolm Burn, who has produced, recorded and collaborated with the likes of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Emmylou Harris, and many more. He enthusiastically wrote me back, and we recorded Three in his home studio in Kingston, NY this past June, in the middle of the pandemic.”

Three is a portrait of loss and losing, illness and the dream of recovery, the living the those who have left us—within these 8 songs is an effort to articulate the explainable, illustrate the unseen, and name the things that we are left with, when we find ourselves in a wholly new world.

“In the Wool” is the first track on Three, and explores/riffs off the adage “dyed in the wool”—asking the question: Is who we are at the core—who we believe we are or who we are told we must be—immutable? Is the person we have always been the person we are destined—or doomed—to always be?


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