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The Way We Were
(Subluna Records)
Release Date: OUT NOW
Add Date: OCT 13


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DIVER THROUGH is the band name used by songwriter Michael Baynes based out of Brooklyn NYC. The sound of Diver Through is ethereal, dreamy, catchy, indie rock. The new record – The Way We Were (Subluna Records) is Diver Through’s first full length release and a long overdue statement for songwriter Michael Baynes.

Flash-it back to the early “2000’s” – Michael was the principal songwriter for a fledgling modern rock band in Jacksonville, FL where he received his first taste of airplay on commercial radio as an unsigned artist. It wasn’t unusual for Michael to be driving around on his lunch break from work and hearing his song on the radio. Later as an independent solo artist in New York City on Subluna Records, he received airplay on college radio stations across the country – charting on many university playlists. His songs appeared on compilations for CMJ, Magnet Magazine, and 93.3 Planet Radio (Jacksonville, FL/Clear Channel). He played shows from NYC to FL including a BMI songwriter showcase at NYC's The Living Room. He then took his first detour: he got a job and started a family while continuing to write 30 songs a year.

Based on a phrase in a poem by a friend, “Diver Through” was first used publicly in 2013 when Michael got a few friends together to record a set of new songs in one night. That session became the “Scattered Days EP” which was the first official Diver Through release (Subluna Records). Michael pursued a more authentic, ethereal, pop-meets-shoegaze band sound. While planning a 2nd full-length release in 2014, Michael pursued the business of songwriting in Nashville. Detour #2.

As the Nashville song pitch demos piled up, so did unused Diver Through flavored tracks. He used that time and experience to be more independent and hands-on in the studio, collaborating with other writers, singers, and musicians while further honing his songwriting chops. He realized that there was a lot he didn’t like about the business of songwriting, and also that validation in songwriting could only come from being himself. In 2018 he released the solo single “Wherever You Are I’m Going” under his own name.

In 2019 he refocused on Diver Through and released the home demos “Be Enough” and “Go”. In the challenging times of 2020, Diver Through finally wrote and recorded The Way We Were, their second full release of new material. No more detours, Diver Through is the destination.

The Way We Were was recorded in a few locations throughout spring and summer 2020. “It was always on the calendar for 2020, we just had to get a little creative with the process,” says Michael, “it usually starts with my songwriter demos and then goes to Ken and he does his thing, but usually we are in the same room at some point, but not for this record”. Drummer Ken Nasta recorded the drums at friend-of- DT Chuck Nash’s home studio in Jacksonville, FL. Bass parts were done in Alabama by long time Diver Through bass player and collaborator Mike Rellah. All songs were then finished, mixed, mastered back in Brooklyn, NY and NJ by Michael. “What I like about the way we sound together is that it’s a mix of new studio tracks, new home recorded tracks, and original demo tracks. If it sounds cool we keep it. We don’t want it shiny and perfect, we just want it to sound interesting. In some cases I didn’t change any of my original demo tracks because what Ken and Mike did just fit perfectly. We recorded more than 9 songs for the record but in the end these 9 just had a flow and a feel that the others did not have and I wanted this record to feel like one cohesive thing rather than a collection of songs”.

DIVER THROUGH is Michael Baynes (vox/guitars), Mike Rellah (Bass), and Ken Nasta (Drums)


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