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alberta & The Dead Eyes

Release Date: October 23, 2020



Alberta & The Dead Eyes began in late 2019, when David Boone returned for a trip to Detroit to visit friends Erik “nuntheless” Washington and Michael Snyder. With all of them being musicians, of course they had to try out some music together, and the result was a brand new take on Boone’s solo “Alberta” project that inspired the group to make a short tour run together over the month of August, 2019.

With next to no in-person rehearsal, the group had little to go on but their love of the music and their trust in one another. Through that run of shows, the three of them went from individual musicians to members of a cohesive group, and by the end they had no choice but to pursue the project further. Making plans to create new music together through the new year and to release a record with an accompanying tour in 2020, the next few months were filled with equal parts excitement and anticipation.

Alas, 2020 was not what anyone had in mind. But despite living on opposite ends of the country, albert & The Dead Eyes were successfully able to write, record, and finish an entire project virtually, connected via phone and video call and file sharing demos back and forth for months. The end result is No, No. You Go, Alberta’s most ambitious project to date and his first in collaboration with his new partners The Dead Eyes. The album is a feat of ingenuity and commitment, bringing Washington’s background in producing hip hop and house music, as well as Snyder’s versatility and self-taught prowess with the bass, in collision Boone’s experience in songwriting and musical craft, for a combination that makes next to no sense but sounds like it was simply meant to be.


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