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"Time Ran Out"
(Dowd Records)
Release Date: September 25, 2020
Add Date: SEPT 29


"Time Ran Out"

Dowd Record’s new recording artist, Gusty premieres his first single ever “Time Ran Out.” Grounded in a love of hip-hop, indie and British music, Gusty is focused and minimal, with beats and unconventional synths parting the seas for Justin Smith’s heartfelt vocals. Gusty is Justin Smith, a designer and creative director, who has been at the front of bands in the past (The Inside) and has been writing solo material for this release in his studio in Portland, Or., saving the ideas for the perfect collaborator. Which Gusty found in an old friend. For the Gusty launch, Dowd enlisted Jon Sortland (The Shins, TLA), a longtime friend to Gusty from back in the skating days, to record and produce the single. Sortland’s production is heavily influenced by his drumming career from the likes of Broken Bells, and The Shins to math rock and even hardcore, a la EV Kain and Cigar, and perfect for the rhythm driven sound Gusty was dreaming up.

Gusty and Sortland had a shared vision of tapping into their guilty pleasure of listening to radio hits to create something new and unique and that spoke to their shared experiences. “Time Ran Out” is that glorious something and was actually a total surprise inspired by Gusty’s vocal warm up during the demo recording sessions. “Time Ran Out” is a perfect balance of the two hyper-creative artists – uplifting but with a captivating, heart wrenching quality to Gusty’s vocals – like a beautiful rainy day. This is balanced by Sortland’s unconventional approach to rhythms and tone that conjure up memories of sunny California days.

Gusty will be releasing a series of experimental lo-fi versions of “Time Ran Out” and B-Side “Unmade Bed” on 5” vinyl available mid-September. Gusty will design all the artwork for the vinyl releases.

“Time Ran Out” and “Unmade Bed” are an exciting glimpse at the full length LP from Gusty out next summer.


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