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Casual Fog

In Still Delight
(Dowd Records)
Release Date: September 18, 2020


"In Still Delight"

In Still Delight is the newest moody endeavor from Northern California based Casual Fog. The albums enigmatic tone quickly rolls in thick, obscures the landscape and leads the listener down an intriguing path.
The album is cinematic and captivating and on first listen has a lilt that moves the listener along through layered textures as Casual Fog’s Ryan Donnelly carves out melodic coves and currents.
As the album progresses the hypnotic ambiance starts to pull you in as Donnelly captures a mood – a sense of being on the other side of something, maybe wiser but not without escaping a certain amount of collateral damage. There is a satisfaction with the process that pervades the album as the title “In Still Delight” suggests. The music has the quality of being out of step and at the same time nostalgic without feeling like a throw-back.
The songs are written, arranged and performed by Donnelly but he knew going into this record that he wanted his friends and influences to play an active role in the finished album. The list of contributors is impressive with Rich Good (Psychedelic Furs) and Jeff Thorsby (The Fit) adding to the opening track W, Dan Elkan (Them Hills) on “All The Same People”, John Simpson, Ryan Sheridan (Park Street Riot) and Justin Hunt (Pinnacles) play on “400 Degrees”, Isaac Luxon and Jacob Bradford contribute on “Falling On The Season”, Jacob also on “Fallout”, Jason Clark (TLA) on the single “Comin’ For Thee”, Jacob, Jeff Ward and Ben Milner round out the group on the track “July.”
Ben Milner, Dan Elkan, Justin Hunt, Keith Dailey and Rich Good all contributed to the mixing as well.
“400 Degrees” is being featured on The Nevada City Album Vol 1 being released as part of the Nevada City Film Festival’s 20th anniversary.
Casual Fog has released nine albums and EPs over the last 15 years and is a cornerstone in Nevada City music creative circles. Ryan has been in the studio for the last year writing and recording In Still Delight.

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