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"Hungry for the Dark"
(Dowd Records)
Release Date: September 1, 2020
Add Date: OCT 6


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TLA is back with two new songs, a glorious and heart-wrenching visit to the shadows called “Hungry For The Dark” and the thumping club banger, “Among The Living.”

“Hungry for The Dark” is the whisper of warning in the back of your mind that is so easily embraced. The track is featured on the upcoming Nevada City Film Festival compilation album and also the Lurkville Skateboards x TLA limited edition skateboard deck. The Lurkville Skateboards x TLA deck will come with the singles on flexi vinyl.

“Among The Living” picks you up off the dance floor in the wee hours of the night. Produced by Jon Sortland and mixed by Yuuki Mathews (The Shins), “Among The Living” brings driving drums, big synths and guitar hooks with a finesse and energy that will keep this song on repeat.

Drawing from decades of friendship and shared experiences, Jon Sortland (The Shins), Tahiti Pehrson (visual artist) and Jason Clark (The Pleased) have create songs that put modern heartache and longing into a 90’s rocket that’s been launched straight into an early MTV video. TLA can trace its roots to the band member’s youth as outcasts in a small town united through skateboarding, punk rock, New Wave and British music.

Long-time friends and collaborators Miguel Aldana and Genaro Vergoglini (The Pleased) complete the think tank.

Embracing pure, from the gut creativity and stream of consciousness songcrafting, TLA songs are written and recorded in non-traditional, anything goes, brainstorming recording sessions.

The songs emerge raw, catchy and bathed in lo-fi glory. Each song is an unexpected journey of important things forgotten or never quite realized and have been described as touching the zeitgeist.

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