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Beautiful Dudes

Nite Songs
(Dowd Records)
Release Date: September 4, 2020
Add Date: SEPT 22


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The Dudes have been busy.

Beautiful Dudes continue their summer of collaborations and new music with the release of an EP Nite Songs out Sept 4th.

Nite Songs sees the Dudes embracing rocking riffs and dark melancholy with an uplifting optimism that is the perfect soundtrack for our current times. Revolution, isolation, unity and triumph resound in what is one hell of a collection of songs.

The songs, in true Dudes style, are beautiful, timeless and catchy with Tom Bevitori’s vocals finding new and moving ground while the band – with Art Echternacht on bass, Robbie Landsburg on guitar and Zach Peach on drums, take us from epic minimalism to dreamy psychedelic heights full of feedback and swagger.
The EP will be available on limited edition 12” denim vinyl featuring a record cover made of actual denim as well as on streaming services.

As part of the Beautiful Dudes summer madness, they just released a limited edition skateboard deck and exclusive single with Lurkville Skateboards and will be featured on the upcoming compilation album for the highly acclaimed Nevada City Film Festival out in August along with a streamed live performance for the film fest’s “After Dark” video series.

To wrap up the summer they are releasing a live EP in late September. You can’t stop rock n’ roll.

We have to mention Nevada City again or the Dudes will be pissed. So… Nevada City. They love it. We love it.


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