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Blacks Beach Boys

Blacks Beach Boys
(Dowd Records)
Release Date: August 21, 2020
Add Date: SEPT 15

Be it in the nude at Blacks Beach, or fully clothed on stage, Blacks Beach Boys are your new favorite hunks from San Diego.

With a heavy nod to past eras of rock n’ roll Blacks Beach Boys bring their own unique take on that classic Southern California sound. They like to throw some subtle and some not so subtle hints to their favorite artists like Television, Neil Young, Dinosaur Jr., and The Smiths. Their lyrics vary from subjects like first loves, fictitious scenarios, and love notes to their other favorite creatives (David Lynch, Pee-wee Herman, and maybe a cartoon or two).

Blacks Beach Boys are David on bass, Franco on drums, with Jessie and Jon on guitars and vocals.
Blacks Beach Boys have played with bands like Tijuana Panthers, Matt Lamkin, Mark Sultan, Sixes, and The Shivas. They have also played local festivals like San Diego’s Art Around Adams. Blacks Beach Boys recently did a live video session for Half Way Home Sessions (pro tip: the video session contains two absolute ragers off the new album).

Blacks Beach Boys self-titled debut album starts off with a straight forward rocker that’s full of ripping leads and melodic choruses. The album dips into solid grooves, mildly-psychedelic trips, and straight barn burners. It’s truly a record worthy of a deep listen and the perfect soundtrack to your drive up the coast.
The two singles from the album are “Piehole” and “HGTV in HD”.

“Blacks Beach Boys offer a blend of 70’s sounding sensibilities with the pacing of a modern rock outfit. Piehole is a fast paced bop that lights you up from the inside out. “ – Half Way Home Sessions.


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