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Crosby, Lauren ft. Griffin Sherry

Release Date: July 3, 2020


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Hailing from an island in Maine, Lauren Crosby’s music is a pure creative expression of the North Atlantic. With hints of smoke and salt, her voice is deeply captivating, yet light with wit and life. A lobsterman’s daughter let loose in the modern world, Lauren’s old soul lends itself to the surrealism of her surroundings and everyday happenings. Her style is a unique one to categorize. As a self-taught guitarist and singer, she enjoys blending classic rock, lyric-y folk, and vintage western

“Biloxi” is a single track written by Lauren Crosby featuring Griffin Sherry of The Ghost Of Paul Revere.

Lauren wrote “Biloxi” while she was traveling through I90 in Southern Mississippi on a self-directed tour in 2019. En route to New Orleans for a coffee house show, Lauren had a phone conversation with a friend who was trying to lure Lauren into leaving the road and come back home. In her run-down state of mind, Lauren facetiously admitted to her friend that she would never come back home because she didn’t have a true love there. The friend replied with a question, “How many boys you gotta kiss until you find the right one?” The song “Biloxi” was born on Highway 90 west.

Searching for a powerhouse male vocal to sing the driving verses, Lauren reached out to Griffin Sherry, Maine boy through and through and lead singer and guitar player for holler folk band Ghost of Paul Revere. Lauren first met Griffin when his band Ghost of Paul Revere was touring through New Mexico in 2015. Lauren was spending a semester studying at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. There were only six people in the small theatre’s audience.

It took Lauren four months to work up the courage to ask Griffin via an insta DM. Ghost of Paul Revere has had major success over the past decade. Griffin agreed to sing on the track instantly. If you’re a Maine musician, most of the time you know all Maine musicians. Maine is a small state with a tight-knit community of artists who truly work hard to lift each other up.

At Acadia Recording Company in Portland, Maine where “Biloxi” was recorded, Griffin edited some of the male lyrics to fit the groove better.

All photos by Dear Jenna Photography


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