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Strange Pilgrim

"Salt & Seagulls"
Release Date: March 6, 2020

Drawing on themes of dislocation and dreamlike imagery, Strange Pilgrim is an exploration of living in an increasingly unfamiliar world. Much of their lyrical content focuses on the social and political uncertainty of these times, on connecting with nature, and on yearning for some form of freedom. Their harmony-drenched, psych-pop sound is centered on the experience of venturing toward some unknown horizon, for better or for worse.

Strange Pilgrim is Joshua Barnhart’s new Oakland band. Joshua first became known as the drummer of the acclaimed Bay Area band Port O’Brien on the album All We Could Do Was Sing. For three years, he toured Europe, North America, and Australia with them. Since then, he has played drums, guitar, and sang with bands including Release the Sunbird, Two Sheds, Kelly McFarling, Vetiver, Sparrows Gate, and Zeb Zaitz.

Strange Pilgrim began as a side-project duo under Joshua’s name, featuring guitarist Paul Dutton. In 2016, they recorded and released their first album, Turn Out The Light, featuring fellow Port O’Brien member, Caleb Nichols, on bass. Over the next two years, the band added drums, bass, and an additional lead guitar. They released two singles, “Dance with Me” and “Blue Eyes,” and eventually, a solid lineup formed with Adam Nash (of Goodnight Texas), Pat Spurgeon (of Rogue Wave), Sterling Schlegel, Paul Dutton, and Taylor Belmore.

Their new single, “Salt and Seagulls,” will be released digitally on March 6th, 2020. The song features Bay Area musician, Kelly Mcfarling, on vocals. The band name Strange Pilgrim references Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s work Strange Pilgrims or Doce Cuentos Peregrinos, a book that shares the themes of wandering out of place. “Salt and Seagulls” details half-remembered images from the small coastal town of Los Osos where Barnhart was born. Landscapes, sounds, and smells blend together to form a feeling both familiar and incredibly distant. This song under the new band name Strange Pilgrim demonstrates a new phase for Barnhart and his band as they explore and develop their collective musical chemistry and unite around the themes their name recalls. Strange Pilgrim can be found playing regularly in the Bay Area and West Coast of California, with their sights set on bringing their music to a wider audience.

Vocals, Guitar, Drums – Joshua Barnhart
Guitar – Adam Nash
Bass – Sterling Schlegel
Keys – Joel Tolbert
Vocals – Taylor Belmore
Vocals – Kelly McFarling

Written by Joshua Barnhart
Recorded by Paul Dutton with additional sessions by Josh, Adam, Joel, and Kelly
Mixed by Scott McDowell
Mastered by Jonathan Kirchner
Album Art: Evan Roberts
Photos: Katherine Hada


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Radio Contact: Email Nelson Wells & Adam at Team Clermont

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