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Brother Reverend

The Tables Turn Too Often
Release Date: September 28, 2018
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Conceived in Atlanta, GA, and executed in New York City, Brother Reverend is a musical group founded by Keith Xenos with drummer Fletcher Liegerot (Cat Power) and comprised of various derelict musician friends.

The band cites the chords of Ray Davies, the commitment of Dylan and the arrangements of Curtis Mayfield as an influence. They love bouncy up-tempo music like the Beach Boys, but with an element of darkness and ruin underneath it all.

Imagine the Motown house-band playing behind Ian McCulloch from Echo & the Bunnymen with lyrics by Louis-Ferdinand Céline, executive produced by William Burroughs, and with on-site security provided by Phil Spector.

“I’m not really interested in the songwriting of most groups today. I mean, put on a Miracles record and it’s like, Those chords! Those changes! That middle-eight!” says Keith, singer, songwriter and multi- instrumentalist of the group, whose often-stated goal is to make a record better than Love Child.

“I don’t think we belong to any particular genre because our influences are myriad, but there are certain melodies and scales that I intentionally avoid when writing songs. Everything has to pass the ‘Ray Charles Test’, meaning that if I can’t imagine him singing a version of it, then it gets scrapped.”

“I think our music is incredibly psychedelic, but in a Robert Johnson or Thelonious Monk sort of way.”

The sentiments of John Cassavetes, the speeches of Malcolm X, and the style of Sergio Leone share equal import with the Bee Gees, Link Wray, and Desmond Dekker.

“I like to think of them as rubes first, then a liability,” said one prominent impresario.

Live shows have included 16mm movie projections, homemade light shows, and DJs enlisted to spin soul records as the band peddles their tunes around NYC— a veritable breeding ground of contempt and mistrust!

Four years in the making, The Tables Turn Too Often was recorded and mixed on analog tape at the Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn, NY.

Twelve prodigious songs of the most defensive, doting, and contumelious material you’ve heard. The irresponsible union of George Jones, The Ventures, Velvet Underground, and Diana Ross.

Keith Xenos: composition, vocals, guitar/bass. Fletcher Liegerot: drums/percussion.
Also: J.B. Flatt (A.C. Newman), Jon Delorme (Psychic Ills), Turner Stough, Alex Heigl, Yona Prochnik.



Photos: Lester Romilar

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