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Pearl Earl

Pearl Earl
(Dreamy Life Records)
Release Date: July 15, 2017
Add Date: July 11, 2017


"Meet Your Maker"

Pearl Earl is an all-female rock band from Denton, Texas made up of Ariel Hartley, Bailey K Chapman, Stefanie Lazcano and Chelsey Danielle. The band was founded Summer 2014 by Hartley, Chapman, and Lazcano and quickly became more than just a drunken jam party. The band almost immediately began touring nationally and regionally and in 2015 released their debut EP titled Karaoke Superstar. Pearl Earl shows began to attract music lovers of all persuasions, and they gained traction in DFW with airplay, and event regional awards. Pearl Earl’s sound is a psychedelic cornucopia of the glitter and sparkle of glam rock, the space and cosmic intervention of prog, the angst and grit of punk, and the synth pop of the times of neon jumpsuits and disco balls.

The band’s debut full length and self titled album was recorded in Dallas at Elmwood Recording by Alex Bhore and Brack Cantrell. Mastering was handled by Dave Cooley at Elysian Masters. Hartley, Chapman, and Lazcano began recording the album in August 2016, with Danielle joining the band after its completion. Hartley is the key songwriter of the evolving project with each song coming into its own with the rest of the band. The songs on the album are each their own animal; where “Star in the Sky” dives into an epic ode to prog rock with accenting flutes and space soundtrack synths, “Take A Shot” explores a tongue and cheek almost doo-wop, organ ornamented pop song with a double entendre. The psychedelic spaghetti western style and funk in “Captain Howdy” will dance you into confusion when the time signature and key change takes a twist; and “I Know” will leave you feeling soft and somber for the album’s finale. The lyrical content ranges from whimsical characters to introspection and moving forward to internal anxiety about the state of America. With influences from many eras of music, Pearl Earl has the power to transmit you to the past and the future and back again.

Press Contact Bill Benson
Photo Credit: Ellie Alonzo



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