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Coleman III, John Wesley

Microwave Dreams
(Super Secret Records)
Release Date: January 27, 2017

Press Contact Bill Benson


Super Secret Records is proud to announce the upcoming release of John Wesley Coleman III’s new LP Microwave Dreams with a street date of January 27, 2017. The title insinuates a continuation of what has been proven true over the years by Coleman, both as a member of popular garage rock band The Golden Boys and his various solo albums; he is gifted songwriter, with an often ironic “fried” esthetic, that makes much of his music instantly recognizable by his fans. But it becomes clear early upon a first listening, that while this is still “Wes” Coleman, it’s also a new, more mature, songwriter and artist that has produced a work of new material that not only stands alone as an instant classic, but points towards an unwritten but promising future of music making that will continue to surprise and please like Microwave Dreams.

Simply put, this album has no filler, it’s composed of ten great songs (much drawn from his own life experiences) that won’t leave the ears until long after the listener has turned the stereo off. The songs range from the country-tinged “See You Tomorrow” to the summer-feeling rock and roll hits “Hang Tight” and “Shovel”. The rest Microwave Dreams ranges in pace and brevity somewhere in between. Each is just as strong, each as independent, yet each is also part of an overall narrative that highlights an artist’s recognition of his own increasing maturity and real life responsibility, while maintaining just the right amount of his ironic and funny personal reputation.

Previous solo recordings by Coleman, on noted record labels such as Goner Records and Burger Records, have received high praise and his last album, the ironically titled Greatest Hits (since it was an album composed of all new songs) also on Super Secret Records, received strong critical support from various media outlets.

Follow Wes on Twitter @jwc3texas

Follow Wes on Instagram @johnwesleycoleman

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