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My Dead Air

The Thief Who Knows My Name
Release Date: August 14, 2015

Press Contact Bill Benson


My Dead Air is the moniker of musician Dan Ballard. Ballard was a member and guitarist of the band Until June. Which had great success overseas with a #1 hit in Europe. After several albums, US and world tours, things began to slow down for Until June. Ballard started My Dead Air as a side project but soon it became his main musical outlet.

The Thief Who Knows My Name was written, recorded and produced by Ballard, simultaneously within a nine month period. It was recorded at Dead Music Studios (Dan Ballard’s recording studio). It is the first full-length album for Ballard, who had previously released two EPs. Mixing was handled by Grammy winner Guy Massey, as well as Bryan Cook and Ryan Lipman.
Ballard’s studio is located in a basement of an old building right off the Pacific Coast Highway in Southern California. When Ballard decided to write the record he knew he wanted the record to be airy, ethereal and moody. The cold concrete walls and floor of his recording studio helped achieve the ambient nature of the record. “I wanted to create a record I would sit down and listen to. Something that was great in the foreground but also in the background. A record that provokes a mood or vibe that is relaxing”. The first song written for the album was “Holding On” which set the tone of the record and has many 70’s characteristics. Influences include Harry Nilsson, Glen Campbell George Harrison, Bon Iver, My Morning Jacket and a host of others. The Thief Who Knows My Name is based off of ten different stories / experiences ranging from stories about growing up and settling down, to childhood memories and experiences.

Guest musicians include: Aaron Sterling (John Mayer’s drummer) Dave Beste (Rival Sons’ Bass Player).

The Thief Who Knows My Name will be released on vinyl and digital August 14th.

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