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AthFest 2015 is Here!

The best weekend of the summer is upon us! That’s right, it’s AthFest 2015 – Athens, GA’s annual extravaganza of art and music. AthFest sets the city’s uniquely laid-back music city vibe as a stage for a stacked lineup of local artists and bands from around the country. The three day festival features two free outdoor stages as well as the Club Crawl, where music venues hold indoor shows throughout the night.

In our excitement for the weekend, we here at Team Clermont have generated a handy AthFest 2015 Show Schedule, designed by Kaanchee of WKNC 88.1 FM , which will allow you to plan your perfect weekend and not miss a show. Click here to download!

What’s more, our staff & interns have taken this show schedule & designed their dream AthFest Weekend – highlighting the sets we can’t wait for this weekend. Check out where you can find us!

Melissa’s Club Crawl Schedule // Melissa’s Outdoor Schedule
Madeline’s Club Crawl Schedule // Madeline’s Outdoor Schedule
Bri’s Club Crawl Schedule
Shil’s Club Crawl Schedule // Shil’s Outdoor Schedule
Emily’s Club Crawl Schedule // Emily’s Outdoor Schedule
Camilla’s Club Crawl Schedule // Camilla’s Outdoor Schedule
Collin’s Club Crawl Schedule // Collin’s Outdoor Schedule
Ellie’s Club Crawl Schedule // Ellie’s Outdoor Schedule
Jonny’s Club Crawl Schedule // Jonny’s Outdoor Schedule
Sarah B’s Club Crawl Schedule //
Sarah B’s Outdoor Schedule
Sarah G’s Club Crawl Schedule

We’ve also spotlighted some of our favorite artists that’ll be playing the festival this weekend to give you a taste of what joys await at AthFest. With so many venues, the lineup truly offers something for everyone. Check out these artists’ profiles!

Surfer Blood
New Madrid
Davey Pierce
Ruby the Rabbitfoot
Grape Soda
Dead Confederate
Grand Vapids
New Wives
Five Eight
Thayer Sarrano
Cicada Rhythm
The Whigs
Muuy Biien
Cult of Riggonia
Kenosha Kid
Double Ferrari
Mind Brains
Music Band
Oak House

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Posted by Ellie Enquist on 06.26.15 0 Comments Article Link



AthFest Artist Spotlight: Shehehe

Drawing heavily from the always divisive genre that is punk, Shehehe have been making their music loud and proud since 2011. They call their style “new American Jet Rock”, a sound born in Athens and solidified through a packed calendar of out-of-town show dates. Its influences include the Sex Pistols, The Ramones, and The Runaways, and their raucous playing style readily evokes the heyday of the 70s punk world. What sets the group apart from that landscape is their half-male, half-female make-up. There’s no rock-and-roll gender bias here, with Nicole Bechill and Noelle Shuck taking center stage alongside fellow members Jason Fusco and Derek Wiggs. With gang vocals and catchy, driving beats, it’s pretty obvious they’re out to have a good time. You’d be hard pressed not to mosh with the best of them at a Shehehe show.

The band has released two albums, their most recent being 2014’s Rock and Roll Queen.

Check out their video for “Ghost Of” of their first album American Jet Rock here, as premiered by Flagpole:

Come out for Shehehe at Athfest 2015 – they’ll be at 40 Watt on June 27th!

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Posted by Ellie Enquist on 06.26.15 0 Comments Article Link

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