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The Cropper!

A blog featuring #indie music, news, interviews, & the best darn songs west of Stockholm

AthFest Artist Spotlight: Grand Vapids

Grand Vapids, an indie rock quartet of Athens locals, are set to play The Georgia Theater Rooftop on Saturday for Athfest 2015. Austin Harris, McKendrick Bearden, Chris Goggans, and Paul Stevens produce moody, 90s reminiscent slowcore that sounds laidback yet intricate. Their debut album, Guarantees, came out in January 2015 and garnered up press from prominent reviewers. Stereogum describes it as, “a fine demonstration of that style, all somnambulant beauty and shimmering, scraping white noise”. Impose Magazine writes that the single “Adequate” is, “A sledgehammer to the gut hit of deconstructed self-agonizing anguish … strikes you in your most vulnerable spot.”

Watch their video for “Adequate” here!

Check them out on June 27th at the Georgia Theater Rooftop for Athfest 2015!

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Posted by camillaint on 06.22.15 0 Comments Article Link


AthFest Artist Spotlight: New Wives

Local act, New Wives, have catapulted to notoriety since their formation in 2013 and are booked for Little Kings Shuffle Club on June 26th as part of the 2015 Athfest festivities. Consisting of Drew Kirby, Matt Anderegg, and Zach Gastley, New Wives is part of Marching Banana Records alongside other outstanding Athens acts, Futo and Padre. New Wives have played their doom pop melodies as opening acts for Tera Melos, Diarrhea Planet, and Bombadil and toured across the East Coast with post-rock group *Juna. As one of the founding bands of Athen’s Freeklife promotional platform, New Wives gained a lot of their fame from playing shows in the local scene and recently played at Freekfest last January. Sputnik Music wrote that their first 2013 EP, The White EP, features, “affectionate lyrics describing times of happiness and longing for them to last while featuring upbeat shakers and guitar chords”. To follow up, New Wives released their Black EP in 2014, featuring powerful percussion, droning bass, and raspy vocals. The Red and Black reviewed their live show at the 40 Watt and wrote that their music had, “heartfelt lyrics matched with slow mannered, even tempos”.

Check out their performance at Freekfest II below!

Be sure to see them at Little Kings on June 26th!

AthFest Artist Spotlight: Muuy Biien

Muuy Biien is returning to hometown Athens, Ga after a show in Brooklyn to integrate their high energy punk rock into the Athfest 2015 lineup. As the brainchild of frontman Joshua Evans, Muuy Biien has five notable releases including their most recent LP, D.Y.I., on Happy Happy Birthday To Me records. Online Athens praises D.Y.I. as , “nostalgic and inventive, honoring venerable bass lines while roaming through a modern landscape of musical chaos,” and Crashing Through Publicity writes that, “yet for all their antics—getting kicked out of local awards shows, self-mutilations both verbal and physical—the members of Muuy Biien are first and foremost artists.” Their shrill guitar, driving bass, and yelping vocals produce discordant melodies that give the band’s its punch. The Flagpole Music Awards recently presented Muuy Biien with Best Punk Band. Naming classic punk influences like Black Flag, Minor Threat, and Dead Kennedys, Muuy Biien has fast driving rhythms that bring hardcore to Athens.

Check out their video for “D.Y.I.” from their newest release!

Be sure to snag your Athfest Wristband to see them at the Caledonia Lounge on June 26th!


AthFest Artist Spotlight: Mothers

Mothers is the product of artistry transcending mediums. Vocalist/guitarist Kristine Leschper‘s background lies in print making, but her transition into the musical project was stunning enough to fool listeners into believing it wasn’t a new endeavor. In the beginning, Leschper relied solely on her piercing voice, haunting lyrics and sparse, self-accompanied strings to create an aura of intensity that had to be experienced to be believed. Check out this video from a few months ago to get a general idea of what that sounds/feels like:

Since the project’s inception in late 2013, Leschper has drafted the help of local musicians Drew Kirby on guitar and Matt Anderegg on drums to expand her sound. With the additional instrumentation, Mothers’ style retains the striking vocals and folky lyrical qualities of its origin with an inclusion of math-rock elements. It’s a strange meld, but it all meshes together in a way that gives Mothers a more dynamic and wider reaching style. This new incarnation has been in the studio for quite some time recording what will be the group’s debut album, but the only hints of what this will end up sounding like are small snippets posted on social media. If the full project lives up to the samples (which indicate the inclusion of orchestrial instruments), it has the potential to be one of the years most notable local releases.

Unless you’ve been to one of Mothers’ shows in Athens, it’s difficult to understand the emotional weight carried in every performance by Leschper and crew. See it for yourself at Caledonia Lounge on June 26 at 10pm as a part of AthFest.

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Posted by jonnyint on 06.22.15 0 Comments Article Link


Cult of Rigonia

AthFest Artist Spotlight: Cult of Riggonia

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard anything like Cult of Riggonia, a psychedelic collective from Macon, GA. They were perhaps described best by The 11th Hour: “Cult of Riggonia could really be from another time, or another planet. There are snippets of ancient Aztec worlds mixed with remote Appalachian villages, mingling with a lost order of monks, feeding through a Martian amplifier. And somehow it is all still pleasing to the ear. We recommend open minds, eyes and ears for this one.” But even this can’t capture the myriad of sounds, instruments, and experiences that come from Riggonia. Delve into their captivating Twitter presence and Whe’re Waldo-esque mural of a website to get a taste of Riggonian culture and ideals.

Since the band’s incarnation, they’ve self-released several volumes of music and recently released their first full-length LP with Cloud Recordings entitled Nematode Rodriguez Presents​.​.​.​/​Harry Chanchfield Presents​.​.​.. Creative Loafing called it “a freewheeling drive of lysergic, Southern-rooted psychedelia that takes shape as a schizophrenic blur of vibrant, rhythmic absurdity.” The tracks are thick with vocal yelps, aural twists, and layers of keys, drums, and the unrecognizable.

The final capstone on Riggonia culture is their live performances, explosions of sound and color on a crowded stage. Check out their past show at Go Bar here:

Don’t miss Cult of Riggonia at Athfest 2015, playing Go Bar on Friday 6/26

American Pancake Fell in Love With Vicky and the Vengents

The first time I heard Vicky and The Vengent’s “You Used To Be My Baby” I thought of early Blondie and actually got a chill running up my spine. Vicky Tafoya’s vocal performance has both bite and a slight tremble of vulnerability that burns true.


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Posted by Bill Benson on 06.22.15 0 Comments Article Link


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