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NPR Music Included Della Mae's “High Away Gone" in Their Stream of The Best Songs of 2015 (So Far)


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Posted by Bill Benson on 06.30.15 0 Comments Article Link


Kingston Music Reviews Said Some Great Things About The Mama Rags' 'Hectic Electric'

Released just over a week ago The Mama Rags Hectic Electric gives us a reason why the Rock sound of the 70’s will never die. Now the album is not a complete walk back in time yet they rather freshen the sound with a blend of 70’s rock and today’s rock standard with a bit of alternative thrown in there for good measure.


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Posted by Bill Benson on 06.29.15 0 Comments Article Link



AthFest 2015 is Here!

The best weekend of the summer is upon us! That’s right, it’s AthFest 2015 – Athens, GA’s annual extravaganza of art and music. AthFest sets the city’s uniquely laid-back music city vibe as a stage for a stacked lineup of local artists and bands from around the country. The three day festival features two free outdoor stages as well as the Club Crawl, where music venues hold indoor shows throughout the night.

In our excitement for the weekend, we here at Team Clermont have generated a handy AthFest 2015 Show Schedule, designed by Kaanchee of WKNC 88.1 FM , which will allow you to plan your perfect weekend and not miss a show. Click here to download!

What’s more, our staff & interns have taken this show schedule & designed their dream AthFest Weekend – highlighting the sets we can’t wait for this weekend. Check out where you can find us!

Melissa’s Club Crawl Schedule // Melissa’s Outdoor Schedule
Madeline’s Club Crawl Schedule // Madeline’s Outdoor Schedule
Bri’s Club Crawl Schedule
Shil’s Club Crawl Schedule // Shil’s Outdoor Schedule
Emily’s Club Crawl Schedule // Emily’s Outdoor Schedule
Camilla’s Club Crawl Schedule // Camilla’s Outdoor Schedule
Collin’s Club Crawl Schedule // Collin’s Outdoor Schedule
Ellie’s Club Crawl Schedule // Ellie’s Outdoor Schedule
Jonny’s Club Crawl Schedule // Jonny’s Outdoor Schedule
Sarah B’s Club Crawl Schedule //
Sarah B’s Outdoor Schedule
Sarah G’s Club Crawl Schedule

We’ve also spotlighted some of our favorite artists that’ll be playing the festival this weekend to give you a taste of what joys await at AthFest. With so many venues, the lineup truly offers something for everyone. Check out these artists’ profiles!

Surfer Blood
New Madrid
Davey Pierce
Ruby the Rabbitfoot
Grape Soda
Dead Confederate
Grand Vapids
New Wives
Five Eight
Thayer Sarrano
Cicada Rhythm
The Whigs
Muuy Biien
Cult of Riggonia
Kenosha Kid
Double Ferrari
Mind Brains
Music Band
Oak House

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Posted by Ellie Enquist on 06.26.15 0 Comments Article Link



AthFest Artist Spotlight: Shehehe

Drawing heavily from the always divisive genre that is punk, Shehehe have been making their music loud and proud since 2011. They call their style “new American Jet Rock”, a sound born in Athens and solidified through a packed calendar of out-of-town show dates. Its influences include the Sex Pistols, The Ramones, and The Runaways, and their raucous playing style readily evokes the heyday of the 70s punk world. What sets the group apart from that landscape is their half-male, half-female make-up. There’s no rock-and-roll gender bias here, with Nicole Bechill and Noelle Shuck taking center stage alongside fellow members Jason Fusco and Derek Wiggs. With gang vocals and catchy, driving beats, it’s pretty obvious they’re out to have a good time. You’d be hard pressed not to mosh with the best of them at a Shehehe show.

The band has released two albums, their most recent being 2014’s Rock and Roll Queen.

Check out their video for “Ghost Of” of their first album American Jet Rock here, as premiered by Flagpole:

Come out for Shehehe at Athfest 2015 – they’ll be at 40 Watt on June 27th!

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Posted by Ellie Enquist on 06.26.15 0 Comments Article Link

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Cape Snow

The Cross-Continental Cape Snow Shares First Single

LA singer-songwriter Bree Scanlon and members of New England’s Tiger Saw collective have teamed up as Cape Snow. Their debut self-titled is due July 31 on Burst & Bloom Records . Hear the new single “One More Time” and check out what guitarist Dylan Metrano has to say over at PopMatters .

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Posted by Bill Benson on 06.25.15 0 Comments Article Link



AthFest Artist Spotlight: Warehouse

Warehouse has a nostalgically wonderful beginning — two of their members first met in elementary band class and would eventually reconnect at a house party to form the band. It’s a pleasant origin story for the group of pals, self-described as “classic Americana futurism”. Since that faithful reunion, Warehouse has been hard at working touring and recording, drawing from a multitude of influences to make its brand of art-punk. Though they were locally recognized for a couple of years, their jump into national attention occurred in 2013 when Deerhunter‘s Bradford Cox listed them amongst his Best of 2013 on Pitchfork.

In the midst of this wave of hype, the band released their debut album, Tesseract, on Bayonet Records, a label started by Beach Fossils front man Dustin Payseur . The LP showcases vocalist Elaine Edenfield’s gritty, ghoulish vocal style over crashing drums and hard-strummed, but colorful guitars — a combination that’s quick to build musical tension before relieving it beautifully. The sound evokes the post-punk aesthetic of the past without losing their new-wave sensibilities and desire to forge their own way. In their review, Exploding in Sound called the album “a graceful excursion through dissimilar influences, all coalesced in a knotty, barbed package.”

Give a listen to the gruff-but-poppy “Omission” here:

Warehouse will be at the 40 Watt on June 27th as a part of AthFest 2015!

Seattle Met Premiered Fox and the Law's "The Trouble With the Gods."

Need a jolt of adrenaline to get through the middle of the week? Look no further than “The Trouble With the Gods,” the new single from Seattle’s own Fox and the Law. The track captures the band’s gritty blend of garage rock and howling psychedelia.


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Posted by Bill Benson on 06.24.15 0 Comments Article Link


AthFest Artist Spotlight: Mind Brains

Athenian super group, Mind Brains, pairs experimental electronic synths and ethereal vocals to produce leisurely hypnotic tunes. Featuring former members of Elephant 6 bands including Olivia Tremor Control, Circulatory System, of Montreal, and Dark Meat, Mind Brains experiments with home–recording and scrapped electronics like toy drum machines and old electric harps alongside woozy vocals and deep lyricism. Flagpole Magazine praises them saying, “The scope of rich ideas finds balance in the most unlikely places because these five musicians know each others’ strengths, weaknesses and where Mind Brain’s thoughts are heading next—without even thinking about it”. Stereoembers describes their music as, “no less than the Residents at an afternoon tea party where Syd Barrett turns out to be the Mad Hatter”. Their music is innovative and excitingly off-kilter, and their live shows reflect that exploration. Even though they only have one release, these talented musicians are not new to the game.

Check out their video for “Strange Remember”!

Be sure to buy your tickets to see Mind Brains on Saturday at the 40 Watt!

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Posted by camillaint on 06.24.15 0 Comments Article Link


AthFest Artist Spotlight: Music Band

Leaving upstate New York and moving to Nashville on a whim, Music Band has established themselves in the music scene with their gritty rock and roll and high energy shows. They have 4 releases under their belt, including a Live at Wembley album. Their most recent album, Can I Live, has southern twang that even locals can appreciate. Even with one of the hardest names to search on the internet, Music Band has received positive reviews from Impose Magazine and Noisey for their lo-fi tunes. Impose Magazine writes that their song, “Take It Back”, “rocks the garages of Southern roots to the amped up Sunset Blvd strips of the unsung 60s” and “Promise of Gold”, “is presented in Music Band fashion that builds a song narrative shape with a style that transforms into sped up sections of electric guitar alterations”. After touring with Diarrhea Planet and Futurebirds, Music Band has created its own distinct lo-fi rock n roll sound.

Here’s a video from a performance in Nashville.

Check them out at the Georgia Theater Rooftop at 10:30pm Friday!


AthFest Artist Spotlight: Cinemechanica

Cinemechanica isn’t new to all this. With releases dating back to 2004, the group has been around longer than some AthFest artists have been playing music in general. As you’d expect with this information presented, these guys are one of Athens’ most defined and confident acts – an intelligent blend of post-hardcore and math-rock elements with a sprinkle of shred mixed in. They’re the kind of band that you could listen to over and over again, focusing on either the entire pallet or its many intricate components in isolation – a characteristic that’s equal parts impressive and enjoyable.

Check out this performance from a couple of months ago to get an idea of what that sounds like:

They’ve been promising a new album since early last year, which has been completed but awaits a proper way of releasing it. The new record will be a follow up to 2006’s The Martial Arts. Considering it’s taken three years of writing and and a year of planning for its release, calling the upcoming album anything short of eagerly anticipated would be an offensive understatement.

Cinemechanica takes the stage at Caledonia on Saturday, June 27 as a part of AthFest. Be there at 1am to see why they’ve lasted for over ten years.

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Posted by jonnyint on 06.24.15 0 Comments Article Link


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