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The Cropper!

A blog featuring #indie music, news, interviews, & the best darn songs west of Stockholm

Watch Reptar Perform "Cable"

Filled with floating heads and cut-out shapes, Reptar’s “Cable” music video is absolutely ridiculously entertaining. It’s nothing short of a visual trip. You’ll be fully entranced within thirty seconds.

Gold Star's "Learning the Blues" VIDEO

Los Angeles-based musician, Marlon Rabenreither, immediately pulls the audience in with the strings of his guitar in Gold Star’s “Learning the Blues” single. The melody invokes a deep, powerful emotion and his Julian Casablancas-esque voice radiates old school, bluesy vibes. The John Lennon inspired artist previously toured with country singer, Lucinda Williams, who was brought to tears by his talent. She insisted he continue on his journey as an artist and thankfully he listened! Blurry images of instruments and people make up the entirety of the video and something about it makes it hard to look away. Viewers may even suggest it symbolizes his inability to see clearly due to the heartache he is experiencing. Take a look and be the judge!

Dark Days will debut June 2

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Posted by melissaint on 05.29.15 0 Comments Article Link


Death and Taxes Has the Premiere of It Was Romance's Video For "Philadelphia"


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Posted by Bill Benson on 05.29.15 0 Comments Article Link


Baeble Music Finds Uncanny Relatibility in New Reina del Cid Track

Thanks to Aviva for the kind words posted about new Reina del Cid track, premiering over at Baeble Music.

“The Cooling exhibits a side to Reina Del Cid that has yet to be displayed to the public. The beautiful thing about watching a musician develop is being given the privilege to be a part of their journey, a vulnerable transition from green to golden.”

We here at TC couldn’t agree more.

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Posted by Bill Benson on 05.29.15 0 Comments Article Link


Watch Surfer Blood Perform "I Can't Explain"

Surfer Blood’s music video for “I Can’t Explain” is reminiscent of Vampire Weekend’s “A-Punk” video. Though the two videos are similar, Surfer Blood seems to have a sleeker style. It’s an entertaining and visually stunning four minutes.

Brooklyn Vegan Premiered "Would You Rather," the First Single off Negative Scanner's Upcoming S/T Album.

Chicago’s Negative Scanner formed in 2012 by singer/guitarist Rebecca Valeriano-Flores and drummer Tom Cassling, who had previously played together in Tyler Jon Tyler. They clearly knew what they wanted. Impose points to this line from their Craiglist ad, which reads: “Bands we like include Wire, The Fall, Siouxie and the Banshees, Video, Total Control. NO FLAKES, NO DRUNKS, PRO GEAR, PRO ATTITUDE.”

Negative Scanner are definitely in the same sonic landscape as those bands they like, but bringing well-crafted songs, grit, tight musicianship and snarling attitude. So far they’ve released two 7“s and a couple cassettes (streams below), but their debut album will be out July 10 via Trouble in Mind and we’ve got the premiere of the storming “Would You Rather?”


Watch My Brightest Diamond Perform "This Is My Hand"

The video for “This Is My Hand” visually mimics the fusion of My Brightest Diamond’s ethereal vocals and the very concrete lyrical content of the song. It’s a simple arrangement of people yet they seem to be shrouded in an almost other-worldly haze.

Float Over Technicolor Landscapes in Giant Sand's New Video for "Transponder"

Giant Sand’s drudgy brand of alt-country can be difficult to classify. It would only make sense then that a video for its music would be equally as hard to pin down – a bright collage in motion depicting one’s journey around a world made of vintage magazine clippings. And though the two don’t sound like they would work together, they somehow mesh well and the result is nothing short of beautiful.

Earbuddy Premieres Nyx's "Parade" on OIM Records Compilation Album

Oaktown Indie Mayhem Records is set to release its debut album on June 23, 2015. The compilation album features thirteen bands that were allowed three days to record a song with producer Jeff Saltzman. Earbuddy premiered the fourth track from the compilation today. Nyx aka Angelica Tavella, who happens to be one of the OIM label owners recorded “Parade” for the album. Earbuddy describes the track as “mysteriously dark and alluring, the perfect taste of what’s surely to be an exciting introduction to OIM Records.” Check out “Parade” and read more about Nyx and OIM Records in the feature by Earbuddy

Watch Becca Stevens Band Perform "105" by a Campfire

Join Becca Stevens Band by the fire as they perform “105” from their new album, Perfect Animal. Stevens’ haunting St. Vincent-like vocals and her band’s warm instrumentation pair well with the videos’ dimly lit, night-time visuals.

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A blog featuring #indie music, news, interviews, & the best darn songs west of Stockholm

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