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The Cropper!

A blog featuring #indie music, news, interviews, & the best darn songs west of Stockholm

Village Voice Premiered It Was Romance's "Philadelphia," the First Single Off Their Upcoming S/T Album

Since arriving in New York, Moore has solidified herself wholly in the writerly and comedic realm, yanking the reigns for’s sex and romance vertical and leading the widely-acclaimed comedy show Tinder Live. Now she’s starting to get a solid footing in a third frontier: shredding electric uke and waxing sentimental in her garage pop quartet It Was Romance. With that, she’d like to make one thing clear, especially regarding her stringed instrument of choice and its typical association. “I’m not playing adorably,” she says. “I’m playing with distortion.”


Surfer Blood: "I Can't Explain" (Live in Austin, TX).

Jam with Surfer Blood’s latest single, “I Can’t Explain” in a van! This dreamy sound comes off the full length album, 1000 Palms from Joyful Noise.

Frogbelly and Symphony Get Spooky

Frogbelly and Symphony’s new music video for “Before I Die” may send a shiver up your spine. The black and white video is elegantly spooky and leaves you at a loss for words.

Lilly Hiatt's "Get This Right"

East Nashville based Lilly Hiatt releases her cheerful video for “Get This Right”. Hiatt’s light-hearted personality and raw talent shine through in what is a must-add to your spring playlist.

Becca Stevens Band "Thinkin Bout You"

Becca Stevens Band delivers “Thinkin Bout You”, a cover of the Frank Ocean song, in extreme rustic elegance. With rural elements and delicate vocals, this version of the song gives it a whole new meaning.

CMJ Caught Hints @ Alphaville And Took Some Great Pics!

Local guitar-pop band Hints expelled nothing but friendly, bright vibes in the dimly lit Brooklyn venue, Alphaville, last Thursday evening. Hosting a showcase with other budding Brooklyn acts Strange Names and Tony Castles, the venue’s backroom cultivated rich sounds and chummy impressions. Everyone was eager to discuss how they are connected with one of the bands, promoting a local support grapevine thick enough to cut with a knife.


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Posted by Kelly McClure on 04.21.15 0 Comments Article Link

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EULA's "Noose"

EULA’s music video for “Noose” is absolutely mesmerizing. With intimidating vocals and images of magical realism, “Noose” is the explanation behind EULA’s appeal.

Via Tania's "I See you Tiger"

Via Tania has brought us another song that is hauntingly beautiful. With dream-like orchestral sound waves and flowing vocals, “I See you Tiger” is luxuriously verdant.

Reptar's Video Premiere of "Amanda"

Athen’s own Reptar releases the pleasantly disturbing video for “Amanda.” Evenly weighted, Reptar delivers their upbeat song to a contrasting visual that leaves you breathless and infinitely wanting more.

Grantland Reviewed Tommy Wallach's 'We All Looked Up'

Wallach’s novel elevates the mundane but universal adolescent identity crisis to a kind of existential crisis. While there is plenty of high school drama — a love triangle that eventually turns into a love square — Wallach writes with a patience and emotional maturity that is often lacking in books aimed at the teen set. We All Looked Up also has all the makings of a John Green–scale blockbuster. On top of its crossover appeal, the novel’s film rights were optioned way back in September, and Wallach also recorded an accompanying album that is destined to be reblogged to infinity on Tumblr.


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A blog featuring #indie music, news, interviews, & the best darn songs west of Stockholm

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