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The Cropper!

A blog featuring #indie music, news, interviews, & the best darn songs west of Stockholm

Circulatory System Drops Mosaics Within Mosaics

Somewhere in space is a timeless zone, everywhere and nowhere at once, and on June 24th, one of its orbs descended upon us in the form of Mosaics Within Mosaics, the newest album by Circulatory System. Modern and traditional, chaotic yet not overwhelming, the most recent fruition of W. Cullen Hart’s endeavors, in collaboration with his band and a myriad of Elephant 6 musicians, makes descriptions such as “kaleidoscope” seem trite and inadequate.

It’s hard to define a beginning and end of a piece that exists so ubiquitously, but in accordance with the track listing, the album begins with “Physical Mirage/Visible Magic.” This circusy bit innocently and rhythmically gradates listeners into the rest of the album, though even this gentle introduction is no preparation for what’s to come. From there begins a whirlwind of exotic instrumentation, Beach Boy harmonies, and volatile psychedelia that seems to hit every fathomable human emotion. At times it’s a rag; at times it’s a simple guitar-backed folk tune. Sometimes it’s Sgt. Pepper’s; sometimes it’s Magical Mystery Tour. It lulls you into a dream and then wakes you with the sounds of a freak show, hypnotic with hazy repetition. It’s a melodic time machine, leaving no period of history behind and encapsulating everything you love or didn’t know you love about nearly every genre of music. By the time it’s over, you can barely recall what happened or how it happened – only that it was erratic and beautiful.

Check out the NPR First Listen and pick up Mosaics Within Mosaics, out now!

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Posted by Bill Benson on 06.26.14 0 Comments Article Link


The Arkells 1

Arkells Premiere New Video For "Come to Light"

Canadian rockers Arkells premiered their most recent music video at Paste last week, keeping fans appeased as they await the August 5 U.S. release date of the band’s new album. Established Arkells fans won’t be the only ones pleased with “Come to Light,” however, as both the song and video offer aesthetics to please almost every type of listener.

Traditional enough to be radio-friendly but different enough to please indie crowds, the song strikes a delicate balance that makes it accessible to an enormous base of music fans. Retro guitar riffs, catchy drum beats, and pleasant piano melodies pack the song with potential to be a universal crowd-pleaser. With fairly literal translations of the lyrics, the video is appealing and relatable, walking viewers through the story and leaving them with an even stronger connection to the song.

Check out the full article at Paste and grab a copy of High Noon on August 5!

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Posted by Bill Benson on 06.17.14 0 Comments Article Link


The Toothe Talons cover

The Toothe Releases Gripping New Single

Asheville’s bizarro folk trio The Toothe recently premiered a song from their upcoming album Talons, and it’s everything you would expect from a band whose previous releases have ranged from children’s music to black metal. Self-described “apocalyptic Americana,” “Talons” could be the lovechild of Simon and Garfunkel and the Mountain Goats – intrigued yet?

With intricately dreamy guitar picking and soothing three-piece harmonies, the eccentric lyrics initially seem out of place. However, as the song builds and the storyline develops, they become a beautiful instrument. The strange yet powerful figurative language appeals to the senses in a way that many authors only dream of achieving. Though the ending is bitter, it doesn’t thrust sorrow upon listeners; rather, its finality offers a bit of enlightenment, leaving its prey not slain but curious.

Check out the song premiere at American Songwriter and get ready for Talons, out June 10!

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Posted by Bill Benson on 06.06.14 0 Comments Article Link



Dream Boat Sends Out Cosmic Wave With New Single "Way Out"

Athens psych-folk band Dream Boat premiered a new song this week, teasing the upcoming release of their sophomore album The Rose Explodes. While “Way Out” strays from the darker psychedelia of their past work, it maintains the brooding, trippy mood that should be expected from a song whose collaborators include members of The Olivia Tremor Control and Neutral Milk Hotel.

Beginning with a serene, harmony and guitar-based melody, hints of synth quickly fill the air and transform the song into a hypnotic haze. Pleasantly supernatural and eerily comforting, “Way Out” juxtaposes haunting with hope in a most graceful way.

Check out SPIN ‘s feature on the song and mark your calendars for September 16 to catch The Rose Explodes in its entirety via Cloud Recordings/Arrowhawk.

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Posted by Bill Benson on 06.05.14 0 Comments Article Link


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A blog featuring #indie music, news, interviews, & the best darn songs west of Stockholm

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