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The Cropper!

A blog featuring #indie music, news, interviews, & the best darn songs west of Stockholm

Lisa Papineau3 by Marianne Williams

Currently Spinning: Lisa Papineau

Songstress Lisa Papineau’s new album ‘Blood Noise’ swims through your speakers like an endless, spare, moody melody (if you’ll let it). The avant-pop maestro combines vocal trills from the times of olde with modern production techniques, creating what sounds like a Henry VIII-commissioned church choir transported to 2k13. You might even recognize her voice from collabs with the likes of Air and M83. Make sure you check out choral masterpiece ‘Radio on on On’, the dark synth groove of ‘Early Spring’, and the propulsive, breathy ‘Frozen Blue’.


Currently Spinning: FIGHTs

Lafayette, Louisiana bayou bros FIGHTs make a worldly kind of indie rock. Their sound is informed by the creole culture they grew up with – songs like ‘Four Leaf Clover’ (below) feature bar band horns, and on ‘So Down So Down’ they jack some rhythms and chanty vocals straight from ‘Graceland’. The guitars are always loud, the keys are always bold, the lyrics are always effortlessly cool.

Their debut full-length ‘Music For Villains’ comes out in a couple short weeks. Judging by their striking EP ‘Summer Hits’, the album will feature catchy indie rock a la Black Lips all synthed up. Be warned – they’ll put a spell on you.

I Want My CropperTV: Scott & Charlene's Wedding, 'Jackie Boy'

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding? More like Rocky and Adrian’s Wedding! I’ll be here all week, folks. Anyways, in the latest S&CW vid for ‘Jackie Boy’, lead singer Craig Dermody does his best 80s workout montage as he runs, punches, and trains his way through a Philly warehouse district. He even chugs raw eggs – the dude is not kidding around. We would NOT want to run into Craig the boxer in a dark alley. Craig the musician, on the other hand, creates delightfully unkempt Wavves-meets-Black Lips-meets-Parquet Courts punk rock. So we would LOVE to run into him in an alley, dark or otherwise.

Team Clermont announces CMJ Showcase - New York

Team Clermont’s Bill, Nelson, Shil & team will be heading back to NYC in just under two weeks, and we’re thrilled to share details for this year’s official CMJ Showcase! We’ll be pairing up with our pals over at Hometapes Records to put on this year’s showcase, and we hope to see you there!

Our showcase is on Wed. October 16 at Union Pool in Brooklyn, and our lineup includes Pattern Is Movement, Leverage Models, Celestial Shore, Norwegian Arms, Laser Background, and Paperhaus!

We will also be hosting our annual CMJ hangout at Barcade in Brooklyn on Sat. October 19!

Team Clermont 2013 CMJ Showcase presented by Hometapes
Wednesday, October 16
Union Pool (484 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY)
$10 or CMJ badge

7:00 Paperhaus
7:45 Laser Background
8:30 Norwegian Arms
9:30 Celestial Shore
10:30 Leverage Models
11:30 Pattern Is Movement

- Steve, Bill, Nelson
Team Clermont, Athens, Georgia

New Tracks: 'Daddy Was A Real Good Dancer' by the Dismemberment Plan

D.C. artpunk vets The Dismemberment Plan are back after a decade-long material hiatus with a new album due out October 15. And lucky for us, they’ve released some tracks from it, the latest of which is ‘Daddy Was A Real Good Dancer’. Lead singer Travis Morrison is presumably singing about his own father, whose death was a major catalyst behind their 1999 breakout record ‘Emergency & I’.

The track opens with chiming guitars that recall ‘The City’, and it’s (shockingly) in 4/4 time. And it totally works. The song is bittersweet and reflective. “When they finally lay my cold and creaky bones to rest / I hope I’m not a mystery to those who knew me best” sings Morrison, connecting his father’s death to his own eventual one. He also sings vaguely of parental responsibilities and absenteeism – DPlan have never been a band to shy away from writing an emotionally difficult song, but they sure know how to make it sound good.

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A blog featuring #indie music, news, interviews, & the best darn songs west of Stockholm

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