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The Cropper!

A blog featuring #indie music, news, interviews, & the best darn songs west of Stockholm

Fire Gold Bugget

New Nuggets from the Australian Underground

Listen to the glittering New Australian Nuggets Collection from Fire Records: A Golden Opportunity for Blank Realm, Lower Plenty and Scott & Charlene’s Wedding

The prospectors at Fire Records have hit gold after the discovery of some rare and precious musical gems from Down Under. Being aficionados of highly collectable treasures, Fire have mined Australia’s vibrant underground music scene, to uncover nugget after nugget of premium talent. From the likes of scuzzy psych rockers Blank Realm, the subtle suburban country of Lower Plenty and the slacker-pop genius of Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, local experts say that they could not recall any nuggets even approaching that quality being discovered in the area previously.

Go Easy
14 May (US)

‘Go Easy’ by Aussie psych pop band Blank Realm, is out on 4 March on Fire Records. Blank Realm combine grit with raucousness to make dirty rock’n‘roll, with a sludgy, dense slowness, whilst dabbling with pop, psych and sludgy lo-fi scuzz. The record is a stunning collection of catchy, sweaty, messy songs.
More info/pre-order here.

Hard Rubbish
2 April (US)

Lower Plenty’s enchanting no budget lofi pop gem Hard Rubbish is due out in April. Having been voted Album of the Year 2012 on Aussie indie bible Mess + Noise, Lower Plenty are THE band on everyone’s lips in the bars of Melbourne. With no online or social network presence to speak of, word of their wonderful album spread through word of mouth from turntable to turntable.
More info/pre-order here.

Two Weeks
12 March (US)

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding continue with their unique take on tales of the everyday that lit up their debut Para Vista Social Club with a new mini-album which sees them going that much further both musically and thematically with more fantastic soundbites of everyday life. Developing his scraggy, slacker pop to a whole new glorious level of laconic, melodic magnificence, here we see Craig Dermody really finding his voice with some of the memorable messes of noise we’ve ever heard.
More info/pre-order here.

KaiL Baxley dog by Taylor Lewis

KaiL Baxley on World Cafe

On today’s installment of NPR’s World Cafe: Next, you can hear two tracks from singer/songwriter KaiL Baxley’s debut double EP. “Don’t Matter To Me” and “Heatstroke” made the playlist, and you can download “Say Goodbye to the Night” from NPR here.

Heatstroke / The Wind and the War will be released March 19 on Forty Below and you can catch him playing in LA at Hotel Cafe on February 7.

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A blog featuring #indie music, news, interviews, & the best darn songs west of Stockholm

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