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A blog featuring #indie music, news, interviews, & the best darn songs west of Stockholm


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Team Clermont is loving Spotify! Now that the service is available in the United States, we’ve decided to put together a playlist so that everyone can check out what we’ve got going on. Right now we’ve got a playlist loaded up with tunes from our current and upcoming radio roster, and soon we’ll also have another playlist for our PR artists! Check back each week for new tunes!

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Posted by Bill Benson on 07.29.11 0 Comments Article Link


Jason Ajemian by Dana Carter

Jason Ajemian premieres a new video!

Jason Ajemian has released a live video of him performing a little country medley of “Our Love Keeps Us Together” and “Automobile” at Union Pool earlier this year.

If Jason is your jam (and by God he ought to be!), you still have three more days to help out his Kickstarter campaign. New Atlantis and Sundmagi Records, two musician-curated labels from the mid-Atlantic USA, are joining forces to present a new series of releases that will document rising voices from the creative music underground, and unearth historic archival recordings from established myths. The first trio of offerings from the two labels are slated for an August 9th release. The free jazz-meets-trunk-thumping-indie funk of Jason Ajemian and the HighLife‘s Riding the Light into the Bird’s Eye; the fire-breathing, dazzling ‘free rock’ rockers of Matta Gawa’s Tambora; and the spacious, dynamic solo electric 12-stringer-ringer guitar compositions of Nick Millevoi’s Black Shadow of a Bird each demonstrate the unique, eclectic identity of these two labels.

A worthy cause indeed!

Our Love Keeps Us Together/Automobile from Lucas Ajemian on Vimeo.

Video: Imaginary Johnny's "Small Prices", from the new album Dig

From Imaginary Johnny:
“This video features Imaginary Johnny’s “Small Prices” accompanied by a series of intimate portraits by filmmaker Matthew C. Mills. We are grateful to Matt and to the many stars of the film.”

Director’s Statement:
“I was primarily raised by a single mom who always worked. I’ve always been impressed by the ability of women to juggle careers and families, seemingly with more poise and grace than men. When I first heard “Small Prices,” it seemed to me a song that championed women. As such, the subject matter for my video is dedicated to women in the workplace. I set about my neighborhood on a very snowy Friday & Saturday, asking various women I know and don’t know if they’d volunteer. Out of the 22 I asked, I only got three no’s. I am grateful to the women who let me take their video portraits. They are: Nellie, Angelica, Anika, Chika, Hazel, Danielle, Susan, Frankie, Davinnia, Stacey, Wendy, Darinka, Zein, Seryn, Emily, Milana, Gloria, Giovanna and Philippa. Thank you all. Thanks as well to my friends Brian & Elke who assisted me on the shoots and to my wife, Kristen, for letting me disappear for three days with 19 other women.” – Matthew C. Mills

“Small Prices” written and performed by Imaginary Johnny. Video by Matthew C. Mills. Produced February 2010 by Space Station Media and Unfinished Side Productions. Song produced, recorded and mixed at Strange Weather Brooklyn by Marc Alan Goodman.”

Video: Street Chant "Stoned Again"

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A blog featuring #indie music, news, interviews, & the best darn songs west of Stockholm

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