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The Cropper!

A blog featuring #indie music, news, interviews, & the best darn songs west of Stockholm

Kate Miller-Heidke for Cropper

Kate Miller-Heidke Comes To America!

With her current Australian release Curiouser, Kate Miller-Heidke has managed to go platinum (confirmed last Friday), have a #1 record, as well as a #3 track with her song “Words”! Currently though, she is here in the U.S. on tour with none other than Ben Folds!

Kate’s American awareness might have come to you from her viral hit “Are You F*king Kidding Me” (The Facebook Song), but this girl has much more to her than a commentary on current social networking.

For all things Kate Miller-Heidke, check out her fully loaded website here.

Kate Miller-Heidke On Tour!

10.01•Lizard Lounge (Cambridge, MA)
10.02•World Cafe Live (Philadelphia, PA)
10.03•The Calvin Theatre w/ Ben Folds (Northampton, MA)
10.03•Calvin Theatre w/Ben Folds (St. Louis, MO)
10.04•H Ric Luhrs Performing Center w/Ben Folds (Shippensburg, PA)
10.05•Grand Opera House w/Ben Folds (Northampton, MA)
10.07•The Egg w/ Ben Folds (Albany, NY)
10.08•Sidewalk Cafe (New York, NY)
10.09•Ulster Perming Arts Center w/Ben Folds (Albany, NY)
10.10•Mercury Lounge (New York, NY)
10.12•The Viper Room (Los Angeles, CA)
10.21•Wilma Theatre w/Ben Folds (Kingston, NY)
10.23•The Venue w/Ben Folds (Missoula, MT)
10.25•The Cotillion w/Ben Folds (Fargo, ND)
10.26•Liberty Hall w/Ben Folds (Wichita, KA)
10.30•Overture Center w/Ben Folds (Lawrence, KS)

and check out “Caught In The Crowd”


Sumo Sonic Radio Hour

Check out this month’s Sumo Sonic Radio Hour from It’s hosted by Richard Fortus (of Guns N’ Roses, Love Spit Love, Psychedlic Furs fame) and features a video from Team Clermont’s very own Magic Wands!

The show also features music from Gringo Star, Amanda Blank, Holy Ghost, Major Lazer (Switch & Diplo), N.A.S.A. (with M.I.A., Santigold & more) & The Procession. Before today, we’d never heard The Procession. But the track “Don’t Hesitate” is quickly becoming an office favorite.

Check it out, right here!

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Posted by Bill Benson on 09.28.09 0 Comments Article Link


Friday News Roundup!

Things have been very exciting for us here at Team Clermont as we wrap up the last full week of September!

- Simon Joyner’s 12th full length release Out Into The Snow through Team Love has received some great praise from blogs like PopMatters, Fensepost, and Dusted Magazine!

- Asthmatic Kitty stars Cryptacize are currently playing shows alongside Sufjan Stevens, and they will continue to travel across the country in November alongside The Fiery Furnaces! More details can be found here.

- Speaking of Sufjan, he recently sat down with fellow Asthmatic Kitty artist Shannon Stephens to talk about her brand new record The Breadwinner. Check out the interview here.

- Arctic Monkeys continue to cruise the Late Night circuit as they performed their second single “Cornerstone” on Craig Ferguson a few days back. Check it out below!

The Flying Change - Dirty White Coats Video!

Via Sam Jacobs (The Flying Change):

We’re delighted to announce that our first full-length music video is now ready. Like our previous short-films, this one is created by web artist and music maven, Monte Krause. The song and the video are about doctors, and hospitals, and needles, and treatments, and getting better, and love, and memory, and the past, and the future, etc. The video features the animated style common to all of our videos for this record. It is very beautiful and it’s been very special to work with Monte on these films. Really, Monte did all the work. I just offered opinions. Please enjoy.

We, here at Team Clermont, are big fans of The Flying Change and are thrilled to be premiering this video. Like Sam said, Please Enjoy!


Tiny Telekinesis!

NPR recently featured one of our favorite new bands this year, Telekinesis performing a Tiny Desk Concert. The four song performance features a stripped down version of the Telekinesis experience, and it features the previously unreleased song “Plankton”!

“It’s a little late in the year to be chasing down a perfect summer soundtrack, but Telekinesis’ recent self-titled debut — okay, technically, it’s called Telekinesis! — fits the bill. The disc finds the band concocting a perfect mix of guitar-driven crunch and good-natured fizziness, with hooky effervescence that makes it almost ridiculously easy to like.”

Check out the performance here!

…and an instant classic from the bands self titled release from this year!


Slaraffenland Covers The Raveonettes And More!

Slaraffenland, whose name means “The Land of Milk and Honey,” has been popping up everywhere as of late! They just released their new album We’re On Your Side through Hometapes two days ago, and they are wrapping up North American touring run alongside Akron/Family. Those lucky enough to catch the band this year (possible at Team Clermont’s SXSW showcase) know that it is more of an experience than just a performance.

With recent posts in blogs like Brooklyn Vegan, and Stereogum, praise of this band is continuing to spread. Slaraffenland and their track That Great Love Sound (Raveonettes Cover) were both featured this week on the “What’s Hot” lists at Elbows.

La Blogotheque recently featured this three-part video segment of Slaraffenland:

Slaraffenland – A Take Away Show – Part 1 from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

Slaraffenland – A Take Away Show – Part 2 from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

Slaraffenland – A Take Away Show – Part 3 from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

Asthmatic Kitty Wants You Design - Cropper

Asthmatic Kitty wants you to paint their records!

I remember last year when I started seeing those MS Paint versions of album covers all over the internet. I opted to start my own trend as I began MS Painting my own portrait and posting it for all to see. Needless to say, the trend did not pick up…

Album covers work though. It’s a template to follow (which helps for a guy like me who can lack creativity when staring at a blank canvas) and honor your favorite records of all time.

It is with this spirit that Asthmatic Kitty announced their goals to create an archive of their catalog’s album covers MS Paint Style. Their plan is to collect submissions of all of the albums, and then post them on their Flikr account. The label also plans to reward all “decentish attempts” with free downloads, as well as new full lengths and currently unreleased material to their favorites.

Details can be found through Asthmatic Kitty Records.

*Illinoise artwork courtesy of Alex Grantham

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A blog featuring #indie music, news, interviews, & the best darn songs west of Stockholm

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