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The Cropper!

A blog featuring #indie music, news, interviews, & the best darn songs west of Stockholm

The Wild Beasts-Cropper

Wild Beasts: Best New Music at Pitchfork!

The Leeds quartet Wild Beasts strike it big this week earning the coveted Best New Music this morning at Pitchfork! Check out the full review here.

The bands first single “Hooting and Howling” is simply fantastic, and the video (which we showed you a few weeks back) for the track is equally “breathtaking”…

The band was “Band of the Week” last week at, with a really cool interview along with it!

Megafaun: "One of the Best Records of 2009"

PopMatters just posted a review of Megafaun‘s Gather, Form and Fly, calling it “one of the best records of 2009.” (We agree!)

Also, Megafaun wrapped up their tour with Bowerbirds this past Monday in Atlanta. Best night EVER! Check out our Tumblr for photos of pre-show downtime with the guys, or our intern Alyssa’s Flickr for shots from the show!

The Bronzed Chorus, As Reviewed By So Many Dynamos

The Bronzed Chorus are one of those bands where the story doesn’t seem true until you see it live. You ponder “How can this be? There is so much going on here!” On their new record I’m the Spring, the Greensboro, NC duo continue to hone their unique skills of constructing instrumental soundscapes through layered guitars and brooding drums.

Good friends So Many Dynamos commented on one of the new records tracks recently in Magnet Magazine:

The Bronzed Chorus “Underpass Sunrise”

Wasoba: The Bronzed Chorus are two people that sound like at least four, but this song is so perfect that it completely transcends that limitation. As soon as that guitar hook comes in, it just makes all the sense in the world.

Stovall: Although their record is full of “I can’t believe only two dudes are playing this” type of moments, this song is the obvious jam. Seeing them play it live only makes you appreciate it that much more.

Kay: The drummer plays keyboards without missing a beat. It’s really impressive.

To get a glimpse of the duo’s insane skills, check out this video below!

The Bronzed Chorus: Hiding In The Woods from Matt Williams on Vimeo.

Pluto's Whereabouts Revealed in new Music Tapes video!

This morning Pitchfork premiered The Music Tapes‘ new video, For The Planet Pluto. It was shot right here in Athens! Take a look at what happens when planets are excommunicated.

The Flying Change Remixed!

An unexpected twist with some great side effects! Sam Jacobs a.k.a. The Flying Change’s track “Dirty White Coats” from his spring release Pain Is A Reliable Signal has been remixed by Nancy Hess. It’s definitely an interesting experiment mixing Jacobs’ signiature folky sound with some upbeat beats, but the result is awesome. Grab the track here!

Also, check out this most recent review of Pain Is A Reliable Signal courtesy of Verbicide Magazine.

Wild Beasts Holding Their Breath!

Recently, we cannot stop listening to Two Dancers, the second record from the Leeds quartet Wild Beasts, due out in the states on September 8 from Domino Records! Those falsetto vocals from guitarist/singer Hayden Thorpe meld so well the bands killer beats and head-nodding jams.

When I first checked out the video for the bands track “Hooting and Howling” , I was left a little uneasy…being underwater for a long time kind of freaks me out, and these boys are under there for a long time (instruments and all!). I simply love this track, but the video makes me feel like I’m shoveling coal in the bowels of the Titanic…after the whole iceberg thing.

Wild Beasts will be playing 3 shows in the U.S., all of which NYC on September 8-11, which happens to be the record release weekend…makes me want to scrape up my change and board a plane to JFK.


Megafaun in Rolling Stone!

Check out Megafaun’s FOUR STAR review of Gather, Form & Fly by David Fricke in Rolling Stone!

Also in case you missed it, here is their review from the Onion A.V. Club and their 8.1 rated review from Pitchfork!

Arctic Monkeys Stay Up Late With Jimmy Fallon

The Arctic Monkeys dropped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday to play their amazing first single “Crying Lightning” off of their new record. Humbug comes out on Domino Records on August 25. The boys from the UK will be hitting the road in the US and Canada throughout September and October!

Note: There seems to be no sign of P. Diddy in this video…

Arrington de Dionyso Preps For New Record, Announces Tour Dates

Old Time Religun frontman, and K Records staple Arrington de Dionyso is getting ready to hit the road at the end of August. On this upcoming tour he will be playing tracks from his November slated release Malalkat dan Singa, an “Indonesian-influenced modification on post-punk”.

The tour will consist of solo shows as well as shows accompanied by Calvin Johnson, Chain and the Gang, and Desolation Wilderness.

AdD will kick off his tour with the Helsing Junction Sleepover, an annual event full of camping, dancing, and all of your favorite K Records artists! Read more about it here.

Arrington de Dionyso Tour Dates:

Aug 21, 2009 – Rochester, Washington
Helsing Junction Sleepover – w/ Karl Blau, LAKE, Angelo Spencer

Aug 29, 2009 – Portland, Oregon
East End –

Aug 30, 2009 – Boise, Idaho
Visual Arts Collective –

Sep 2, 2009 – Denver, Colorado
Rhinoceropolis –

Sep 3, 2009 – Kansas City, Missouri
Record Bar –

Sep 4, 2009 – St. Paul, Minnesota
The Turf Club –

Sep 5, 2009 – Iowa City, Iowa
Public Space One –

Sep 6, 2009 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Eagle’s Nest –

Sep 7, 2009 – Chicago, Illinois
Empty Bottle –

Sep 8, 2009 – Detroit, Michigan
Magic Theatre Center –

Sep 10, 2009 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Morning Glory – w/ Calvin Johnson

Sep 11, 2009 – New York City, New York
Market Hotel –

Sep 12, 2009 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvana
Danger Danger Gallery – w/ Calvin Johnson

Sep 14, 2009 – Brooklyn, New York
Death By Audio – w/ Desolation Wilderness, Calvin Johnson

Sep 14, 2009 – Brooklyn, New York
Death by Audio – w/ Desolation Wilderness, Calvin Johnson

Sep 15, 2009 – New York City, New York
Bowery Poetry Club – w/ Calvin Johnson

Sep 18, 2009 – Providence, Rhode Island
AS220 – w/ Chain and The Gang

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A blog featuring #indie music, news, interviews, & the best darn songs west of Stockholm

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