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The Cropper!

A blog featuring #indie music, news, interviews, & the best darn songs west of Stockholm

John Vanderslice - Cropper.jpg

John Vanderslice Is Giving Away Romanian Names Master Tape

Well, let’s clarify. JV is giving away SOME of the master for the excellent Romanian Names If you are one of the eager first folks to buy the record from John Vanderslice’s website, you will not only receive a copy of the record, but also a hand made decorative sleeve AND a piece of the master that ended up on the Tiny Telelphone studio floor. And there’s more! The music on that tape is YOURS. According to JV: “The music on the tape is yours to do with as you will. If you come up with something interesting, please do send it over for inspection!”
So hop on over to JV’s Site and get a hot piece of love! Also, check out the very gorgeous “Too Much Time.” While you’re at it;.

Impossible Arms - Cropper

Impossible Arms release Ripped In No Time!

North Carolina is bursting at the seams with local talent, but very few can capture the same intensity and all around awesomeness as Impossible Arms. For the bands debut album, they chose to avoid the now common recording process of multi-tracking, overdubbing, and post production for a truly raw sound. The band recorded this one over the span of two days, basically two taking all of the songs of the record (save a few backing vocals and bass player Justin Blatt on Viola and Violin…he can’t do it all at once!) The result is an incredible organic record that relies on awesome guitar licks, catchy vocals and all around gritty rocking. Impossible Arms’ debut record Ripped In No TIme is available now!

Americans in France - Cropper

Americans In France's "Pretzelvania" out on May 12th!

Chapel Hill’s Americans In France will release their newest album, Pretzelvania on May 12th on the newly formed Odessa Records. They’ll be embarking on a tour the next day, up the coast, ending with two dates at New York’s Cake Shop and Home Sweet Home.

The drummer/vocalist for Americans In France is the accomplished Casey Cook. On top of her duties in the band, she’s also a critically praised visual artist. She’s shown her art in galleries in New York and Los Angeles, and as far as Zurich, Switzerland and Turin, Italy. Check out her work at Branch Gallery.

Grayson Currin, who frequently contributes to Pitchfork, posted this about Americans In France on Raleigh’s Independent Weekly feature, the Top 40 Songs of 2008:

“‘Liking You’ begins with what sounds like a music box, a miniature universe of sound that will play the same tune forever so long as you keep cranking its handle. The song and its subjects seem to operate on much the same principle of cyclical infinity: Though the tempo and textures of ‘Liking You’ change, they do so in tiny waves, moving from quiet to slightly less quiet to very quiet, adding a distorted guitar tone here and a drum turn-around there. But the song seems like it could spin forever, continuing the self-perpetuating, dangerous crush loops of which drummer Casey Cook sighs and sings so carefully. She recognizes the problems of the relationship ahead, like the drinking and the lack of communication and the desperate clinging of two lonely souls. But in this submerged duet, she goes with it, adding a soap-opera magnetism to the woozy washes of these Beach House shores. You’ll recognize these miniature emotional battles.”

Here’s a video of Americans In France performing at Local 506 in Chapel Hill:

And be sure to catch Americans In France on that aforementioned tour:

05.01•Local 506 (Chapel Hill, NC)
05.13•Soapbox (Wilmington, NC)
05.14•Tin Roof (Charleston, SC)
05.16•Wormhole (Savannah, GA)
05.16•Stardust (Orlando, FL)
05.18•Jackrabbits (Jacksonville, FL)
05.22•Metro Gallery (Baltimore, MD)
05.23•Cakeshop (New York, NY)
05.24•Home Sweet Home (New York, NY)

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Posted by Bill Benson on 04.24.09 1 Comment Article Link


Akron/Family - Cropper

Akron/Family "Everyone is Guilty" Video

There’s no overstating it: Akron/Family are bad ass as all get out. Every time I’ve seen them I spend the first four minutes with my mouth agape, simply standing in awe of one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen. Then they kick it into high gear and I cannot help myself from shaking my ass and screaming like a banshee. No one can escape this feeling, as evidenced in this radical video for the totally excellent “Everyone is Guilty”

Experience the Magic for yourself:
05.05 Middle East Downstairs (Cambridge, MA)
05.05 Bowery Ballroom (New York, NY)
05.08 Club Metronome (Burlington, VT)
05.09 Bennington College (Bennington, VT)
07.23 10,000 Lakes Festival (Detroit Lakes, MN)
09.12 Kutshers Country Club w/Animal Collective, Panda Bear, Atlas Sound (Monticello NY)

Paleface - Cropper

Paleface Returns With A Brand New Record!

Over a decade has passed since Paleface put out a major label release…it’s funny to think of what you were probably doing ten years ago. I was still WAY into professional wrestling, Pokemon, and fearing that the Spice Girls would never disappear. The decade-long sabbatical from one of the founders of the “anti-folk” movement is over as he releases his brand new record The Show Is On The Road! The title is all the more fitting as Paleface (along with girlfriend/drummer Monica “Mo” Samalot) will be hitting the road over the next few months in support of the brand new release on Ramseur Records. And now for your viewing pleasure, check out Paleface and Mo performing the track “Traveling From North Carolina”!

Kyle Andrews - Cropper

Kyle Andrews Unleashes "Sushi" Video!

Kyle Andrews just finished this amazing new video for his insanely catchy tune “Sushi”…themed around YouTube and their annotation feature…

The director, Dennis Liu (who did the Mac themed video for the Bird and the Bee last year), pulled over 1.4 million titles, and thousands of unique YouTube video stills to make this groundbreaking mosaic video…and, to add to the fun, there’s over 350 annotations embedded within it, taking you to 378 other classic YouTube videos at various points through the song…so it’s as that element of surprise and makes it kinda like a game…

Check it out.

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Posted by Bill Benson on 04.21.09 0 Comments Article Link


Yonlu - Cropper

Yonlu's "A Society In Which No Tear Is Shed Is Inconceivably Mediocre" available in-stores now!

If you’re not familiar with Yonlu’s story yet, then I highly recommend reading the story on or here on our own site. In a nutshell, this is music that was highly private and personal that was created by a person who was extremely fond of the internet and the “public” persona it allowed him to create. Along the likes of Elliott Smith and Nick Drake, the music will begin to take on another meaning once you know more about Yonlu’s (his real name was Vinicius Gageiro Marques) incredible story. Since Yonlu’s internet presence is still strong, you can often still find videos that he posted and inspired. Some are silly, some are chilling, all expressions of a brilliant young musician and the impact he had on his admirers.

Here’s one such video for the beautiful “Humiliation”:

Music Lovers - Cropper

Music Lovers Video "Saturday"

San Fransisco’s The Music Lovers make tunes heavily influenced by the works of Serge Gainsbourg, Godard, and 60s pop. It is no surprise that the video for “Saturday,” off of their killer new album Masculine Feminine would weigh in on those influences as well. The video is loaded with hot cars, sultry ladies lounging by the pool, and more split screens than five Woodstocks. Check it out!

Deaf Judges Remix Contest

Athens, GA hip-hop group, Deaf Judges, are pleased to announce the Deaf Judges Remix Contest, hosted by rightClique. The remix contest runs from April 10, 2009 until June 5, 2009. Winners will be announced in Atlanta on June 10, 2009 at a Pegasuses-XL/Deaf Judges show (TBD.) The winner of the contest will be notified in advance and can also perform at the show.

The song is “TV Thieves”, which you can check out at the Deaf Judges MySpace page or here.

You can download all the stems here. Contestants can send their remix in MP3, WAV or AIFF formats via Mediafire, Yousendit, Sendspace, etc. Submit remixes to Please include your name and contact info in the email. This email is also good if you have any questions regarding the stems.

1ST Place: Slot at June 10th show; spot on the Remix Contest CD/EP; Deaf Judges T-Shirt, CD and vinyl copy of All Rise; and extra goodies from

2ND Place: Spot on the Remix Contest CD/EP; choice of Deaf Judges T-Shirt, CD or vinyl of All Rise; and extra goodies from

3RD-5TH Place: Spot on the Remix Contest CD/EP; Deaf Judges CD of All Rise; and extra goodies from

Kingsbury Manx - Cropper

Check Out The Kingsbury Manx's Latest Release Ascenseur Ouvert!

For The Kingsbury Manx’s first full-length album in four years, they had a lot of work to do to recapture the magic of The Fast Rise and the Fall of The South. One of the things the band wouldn’t have to worry about when putting the record together was the approval of a record label. This brand new release Ascenseur Ouvert will be released on a new label, keyboardist Paul Finn’s own Odessa Records! Odessa will be releasing two more records in addition to the new one from The Kingsbury Manx from fellow North Caroliners Americans in France and Impossible Arms. The Kingsbury Manx already have dates planned throughout the month of May, but expect more dates to follow.

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A blog featuring #indie music, news, interviews, & the best darn songs west of Stockholm

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