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Broken Baby Unveil Beast Of A New Single

LA’s Broken Baby haven’t released any music since last year’s brilliant self-titled, debut long player. But this past week saw them drop a surprise new single and video. After a spattering of support dates for Dead Sara last year, and Portland’s Summer Cannibals in early 2019, the evident growth of the band, lead by Vesuvius-like frontperson Amber Bollinger, is clear.…

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W.C. Beck premieres video with The Southern Sounding

The Southern Sounding premiered the new video from W.C. Beck today for the track “The Long Way Home.” They describe the track as “rollicking folk introspection common to Laurel Canyon in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s and the bucolic tenacity of Wilco or The Jayhawks.”

W.C. Beck’s new album, First Flight is out on June 7th.

Check out the video…

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Posted by Adam- Surviving the Golden Age on 04.17.19 0 Comments Article Link


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W.C. Beck unveils "The Long Way Home"

B-Sides and Badlands premiered the new track from Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter W.C. Beck called “The Long Way Home.”

B-Sides and Badlands says the song “moans with acoustic guitar and the rustic wail of church organ” and says “Through trembling walls of Americana and indie-folk, dyeing each syllable in new colors of his voice, Beck immerses himself in the craft unlike every before.…

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Posted by Adam- Surviving the Golden Age on 04.09.19 0 Comments Article Link


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