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Idaho Releases Live Collection "People Like Us Didn't Stop Vol. 2" Today!

Long-time Team Clermont alum, Idaho has released a new LP of live recordings, radio stations visits and rehearsals, titled People Like Us Didn’t Stop Vol. 2. While there is no Vol. 1 to speak of, it’s likely a nod to their live album released in ’00, called People Like Us Should Be Stopped.

Idaho and Team Clermont will always have a special bond, in that Jeff Martin and the rest of the Idaho crew once flew to Athens, just to play (what was then the 2nd Annual) Team Clermont Big Weekend and Blue Ribbon Ball back in 2000. Where has the time gone?

You can pick up your own copy (only 250 were made) of People Like Us Didn’t Stop Vol. 2 at Bandcamp today!

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Posted by Bill Benson on 06.30.17 0 Comments Article Link


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A blog featuring #indiemusic news, interviews, & the best darn free songs east of Stockholm

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