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Jordan Burchel sets December 16th as release date for "Vowel Sounds."

Florida native, Jordan Burchel, just announced his new record, Vowel Sounds, for a December 16th release. It’s already getting attention from The Revue, The Vinyl District & Performer Mag.

On the new single “Why They Call You Blue,” The Revue says “According to Ryan Adams, “To be young is to be sad” – but in the case of Florida singer/songwriter Jordan Burchel, that’s only partly true. On this new single from his forthcoming sophomore album, Vowel Sounds, the young balladeer proves that introspective vulnerability is a fine selling point. “Why They Call You Blue” isn’t necessarily a “sad” song per se, but rather an emotional, heartfelt song that helped put Ryan Adams on the road to stardom.”

Check it out below and buy Vowel Sounds on December 16th!

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Posted by Bill Benson on 11.08.16 0 Comments Article Link


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A blog featuring #indiemusic news, interviews, & the best darn free songs east of Stockholm

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