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The Cropper!

A blog featuring #indiemusic news, interviews, & the best darn free songs east of Stockholm

Chain and The Gang Tour Every Inch of North America

Ian Svenonius is not a man to take it easy. Along with being an essayist, talk show host, and singer for the bands Make Up, Weird War, and Nation of Ulysses, he’s also a travelin man. Svenonius will hit the road this spring with his new band Chain And The Gang And when I say “hit the road,” I mean EVERY road…ever.
Fortunately for Svenonius, he won’t be making this journey alone. K Records main man, Calvin Johnson, will be with him every step of the way. Johnson will be showcasing his new band, The Hive Dwellers (check out their awesome Superchunk cover on the excellent Merge Records cover album). The “dwellers” and “gang” will be made up of a crack group of musicians including Fred Thomas (Saturday Looks Good To Me, City Center), Brett Lyman (Bad Thoughts, His Name is Alive), Brian Weber (Dub Narcotic Sound System), and Sarah Pedal. Good gravy! This is going to be awesome.
Seriously, go check ‘em out when they come to a town near you. And you better believe that they are coming to a town near YOU.

04.10 – Little Vert Theate (Portland OR)
04.11 – The Leaf and Bean Coffeehouse (Bozeman, MT)
04.13 – 180 Main (Dubuque, IA)
04.14 – Black Sheep Cafe -w/Seething Coast (Springfield, IL)
04.15 – Russian Recording – w/City Center (Bloomington, IN)
04.16 – The Nerve – w/City Center (Pittsburgh, PA)
04.17 – 92V Tribeca – w/City Center (New York, NY)
04.18 – Outside the Lines Gallery – (Boston, MA)
04.19 – AS220 – (Providence, RI)
04.20 – Bard College – (Annandale on Hudson, NY)
04.21 – Heirloom Arts – (Danbury, CT)
04.22 – Lab Synthese – (Montreal, QC)
04.23 – The Casbah – (Hamilton, ON)
04.24 – Whippersnapper Gallery – (Toronto, ON)
04.25 – Soundlab -w/Mahjongg (Buffalo, NY)
04.26 – Market Hotel -w/Mahjongg (Brooklyn, NY)
04.27 – The Barbary -w/Mahjongg (Philadelphia, PA)
04.28 – Talking Head Club -w/Mahjongg (Baltimore, MD)
04.29 – Comet Pizza and Pong -w/Mahjongg (Washington, DC)
04.30 – Musica -w/Mahjongg (Akron, OH)
05.01 – UFO Factory – w/ Mahjongg (Detroit, MI)
05.02 – Co-Prosperity Sphere -w/Mahjongg (Chicago, IL)
05.03 – The DAAC – (Grand Rapids, MI)
05.04 – Ronny’s Bar – W/ City Center (Chicago, IL)
05.05 – The Eclipse Record Store – w/ Vampire Hands, Mystery Palace (Minneapolis, MN)
05.06 – Public Space 1 – (Iowa City, IA)
05.07 – Moria – (Indianapolis, IN)
05.08 – Skull Alley -w/Young Widows (Louisville, KY)
05.09 – UNC-Greensboro – (Greensboro, NC)
05.10 – Secret Squirrel – (Athens, GA)
05.11 – The Drunken Unicorn -w/The Coathangers, Pine Hill Haints (Atlanta, GA)
05.12 – Vertical House Records -w/Pine Hill Haints (Huntsville, AL)
05.14 – Spellcaster – (New Orleans, LA)
05.15 – Bourque’s Social Club -w/Pine Hill Haints (Scott, LA)
05.16 – Emo’s -w/Peel (Austin, TX)
05.17 – Hailey’s Club – (Denton, TX)
05.19 – Warehouse 21 – (Santa Fe, NM)
05.20 – Solar Culture – (Tucson, AZ)
05.21 – Biko’s Garage – (Isla Vista, CA)
05.22 – The Smell -w/Jeremy Jay (Los Angeles, CA)
05.23 – The Parkside – w/The Fresh & Only and DJ Megaweapon (San Francisco, CA)
05.24 – Ghost Town Gallery -w/Gowns (Oakland, CA)
05.25 – Crepe Place – (Santa Cruz, CA)
05.27 – Accident Gallery – (Eureka, CA)
05.28 – Rotture -w/Starfucker, Wallpaper (Portland, OR)
05.29 – The Vera Project -w/Wallpaper (Seattle, WA)
05.30 – Little Mountain Studios -w/Wallpaper (Vancouver, BC)
05.31 – The Department of Safety -w/Wallpaper (Anacortes, WA)
06.01 – Northern – 321 4th Ave. -w/Wallpaper (Olympia, WA)

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A blog featuring #indiemusic news, interviews, & the best darn free songs east of Stockholm

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