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Median cover


tummyache is An Alternative Rock Project created by Songwriter / producer soren bryce. The project is named after one of the side effects of severe physical anxiety. Bryce has been creating and releasing music for the past six years Under her own name. Tummyache manifested from Bryce’s need to explore a new set of emotions She experienced while living in brooklyn, new york.

the debut ep “humpday” is an honest and aggressive self-dive into a myriad of Intra/interpersonal issues; as well as a reflection of the human condition through the lens of absurdism. Songs like “machine” and “commonplace” are a cry to understand a life without intrinsic meaning, while “median” and title track “humpday” surrender to the existential anxiety in an attempt to be comforted by self-made hope. “in between” is a bitter-sweet outline of Bryce seeking to simply ‘feel better’.

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Photos: Lizzie Steimer



Maybe I’ll call my mom today / I feel happy, I feel loved, I feel everything
Swinging by some shoelaces and weather change / my atoms rearranged, rearranged

Made it outside the gray / I tried to suffocate my brain but it won’t die
My moral compass is intact / even when it’s a little shy
My life has been a collection of two extremes / until I rested in
The median

You’re just like a root canal / dug you out / there’s ghost feeling in my mouth
Laughed so hard I couldn’t speak / then again, oxygen has a losing streak / at least with me

Made it outside the gray / I tried to suffocate my brain but it won’t die
My moral compass is intact / even when it’s a little shy
My life has been a collection of two extremes / until I rested in
The median
I rested in / the median

Simplicity / simplicity / simplicity / sit down I’m not your enemy
Simplicity / simplicity / simplicity / sit down I’m not your enemy

My life has been a collection of two extremes / until I rested in
The median

Simplicity / simplicity / simplicity / sit down I’m not your enemy
Simplicity / simplicity / simplicity / sit down I’m not your enemy
Sit down I’m not your enemy / sit down I’m not your enemy


It’s been a rough couple years, I won’t lie
I / I’ve been down on my knees / and I kissed the floor where I lied
I can’t help / the ones that I love get better
And I feel / as much myself as a poison

I am not strong / I’m very weak
There is / barely a human upon these feet
There is no will / left within me
Oh life and death / I am sorry / for all that I did in between

I want to feel better / I want to feel better / I want to feel better
I want to feel better / I want to feel better / I want to feel better
I want to feel better / I want to feel –

Lyrics by Soren Bryce


Press Contact: Email Bill Benson at Team Clermont

Radio Contact: Email Nelson Wells & Adam at Team Clermont
Team Clermont Twitter
© 2019
Team Clermont
Athens, Georgia

Good Service cover

Good Service

Noah Fardon (Good Service) was born in Nashville in 1994 and raised in an old stone house west of town. When not in school – a very traditional, all-male, former military academy where football will always reign supreme – he sought creative and conversational freedom and inspiration each day on the front porch of a nearby coffee shop that was a main haunt for prophetically deep thinkers, brilliantly singular personalities, and artists of all mediums and ages. Buoyed by their passion and the atmosphere of encouragement, he took his limited musical chops out of the shower, where they’d long been waging a losing battle against Hamilton Leithauser, picked up a guitar (and a guitar teacher) and started a band. Things went well for a few years, and then faded away as we all found new places to call home.

Fardon then moved to midcoast Maine in 2012 and, after a few years translating Ancient Greek, decamped to nearby Portland, into a repurposed laundry facility owned by a mustachioed, Twizzler-hoarding, self-proclaimed pirate. There, he set up shop in a 9’ X 7’ wooden box (sawdust on the paint-stained concrete; it had most recently been a carpenter’s workspace) that occupied one corner of a large white-walled room (now the New System Exhibitions gallery space). Fardon spent the next two years writing and recording in musical and spatial isolation, aiming to see if, in so doing, he couldn’t shed some habits that had begun to make the whole thing feel stale.

Please is the result of that effort; alternately sweet and unsettling, it is a wonderfully strange and engrossing thirty-one minutes, thematically informed and contextualized by Good’s sudden need to reckon with a rapidly unwinding perspective on mortality in light of his grandmother’s terminal diagnosis and subsequent passing a year and a half later. As the album’s bookends, “And a Foot” and “The End,” are also its most direct confrontations with death, each peeling through varying layers of anxiety, regret and despair to uncover the beauty and lightness hidden deep within the folds: that necessary inspiration to trudge on, to be patient, to choose to accept life. “And a Foot” settles hesitantly though encouragingly on a plan to turn things around: “Twenty-three, obsessed with death, regretful of the only love I’ve left, I smoke as much as fills my chest, but I’m trying to get right again.”

And yet, as the album plays out, Good’s resolve to choose and cherish life is subsumed by an inability to breach the sea of distractions – those much more immediate and prescient than mortality – that all but defines the restless sprawl of each day. Meaningful commiseration becomes tied in with increasingly unhealthy patterns of substance use that demand nonetheless occasionally still feel effective and revelatory (“Summer Muses”/ “MaPaw”); a love lost years before, now distant in time and space, creeps its way into a new start in a new city (“Washington Avenue”), cutting through the din of social life and the current of a budding romance with the sharp edge of vivid memory (“94”). By “The End,” Good, having lost family and friends alike to whatever it is that comes next, has grown more fully aware of the way mortality manifests in even the smallest windows of time, and embraces this unearthed truth reluctantly: there is no linear path to follow, only cycles of birth, death, and rebirth, that we must repeatedly opt into as we discover who we are before we simply are no more (“If now were the end, it wouldn’t get to me much; I feel so spent, though I know we’ve only just begun). But it is not the end. Good Service is a beginning.

What you will hear within first had to pass through the hands of his trusted, capable, and generous friends, Vaughn Hunt (additional recording; synthesizers) and Jamie Joyce (drums), and then through those of Roger Moutenot (additional recording; mixing), who brought a true sense of life and identity to this music — without him this record would simply not be what it is.

There’s so much more: a desperate and defeated return to Nashville; a New Jersey cemetery swelling under the billowing and pulpy heat of a midday in August; the misidentified shallot that brought him closer to Springsteen’s quiet side and the notion of chosen family; two deceptively quiet brushes with death in the sap and sweat of a New Orleans predawn; eight cats, a puppy, three drunk infants, “customer is king,” orange kouign amanns and spelt ciabatta…If you want to know any of it…just ask!

Photos: Henry Austin

Good Service Instagram

Press Contact:Bill Benson

Radio Contact: Nelson & Adam
Team Clermont Twitter
© 2019
Team Clermont
Athens, Georgia


HKS cover

Relix Magazine premieres new Helen Kelter Skelter video!

Helen Kelter Skelter release their blistering new album Melter last month. But they’re not showing any signs of slowing down. Relix Mag just premiered their newest video, for the single “Palamino.”

Check out the post here and pick up your very own white-vinyl copy of Melter here!

If you’re in Tulsa, you’re also in luck! They’re playing The Vanguard tomorrow night, the 2nd. For all of their tour dates, head over to


Amy Blaschke Shares Video with Elmore Magazine

Amy Blaschke shares new music video for “Under My Skin” with Elmore Magazine and talks her upcoming record Breaking The Blues : “Music was like a sanctuary, and it ended up being the fastest I’ve ever written a new body of work.”

Read on over at Elmore Magazine

Contact [email protected]

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone Winter Tour

Owen Ashworth, aka Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, cannot be stopped. In 2009 alone, CFTPA released the fantastic singles, b-sides, and rarities collection, Advance Base Battery Life, a stellar new full-length, Vs. Children, and extensively toured North America and Europe. And he’s not done yet.

Get your Casiotone For The Painfully Alone requests ready, because Owen will be bringing his stacks of keyboards, bass-heavy beats, and wry stage banter to both sides of the pond in the next two months.


Dec 16, 2009: Istanbul, Turkey @ Indigo

Dec 18, 2009: London, UK @ Lexington

Dec 19, 2009: Leeds, UK @ Nation Of Shopkeepers

Dec 20, 2009: Cambridge, UK @ Portland Arms

Dec 21, 2009: Oxford, UK @ Jericho

Dec 22, 2009: Brighton, UK @ Freebutt


Jan 06, 2010: Portland, OR @ Backspace

Jan 07, 2010: Seattle, WA @ Vera Project

Jan 08, 2010: Vancouver, BC @ Biltmore Cabaret

Jan 09, 2010: Anacortes, WA @ Department of Safety

Jan 10, 2020: Victoria, BC @ James Bay United Church


Jan 20, 2010: Lake Worth, FL @ Propaganda

Jan 22, 2010: Miami, FL @ Electric Pickle

Jan 23, 2010: Tampa, FL @ New World Brewery

Jan 24, 2010: Orlando, FL @ Backbooth

Jan 26, 2010: Gainesville, FL @ Common Grounds

Jan 28, 2010: Tallahassee, FL @ Club Downunder

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