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Press Offerings

Team Clermont succeeds by utilizing our relationships with new media, online media, national, regional, college, and international press contacts. Team Clermont’s proficiency in PR stems from the enthusiasm for each individual project. The focus is on achieving maximum exposure to an audience customized for each artist.

Unlike our competitors, Team Clermont’s publicists take on only a handful of projects at any given time so that each project and each client has special hands-on attention. Our strength comes from our desire to help our clients do what they set out to do: gain exposure and sell their music.

National Press
National press campaigns are tailored individually for each record or artist according to genre, level and budget. National print outlets include Magnet, Alternative Press, Paste; lifestyle magazines such as NYLON; specialty magazines such as Guitar Player and Modern Drummer; national college publications; national and international zines include, NME (UK), Tape-Op, Skyscraper, Venus, Impose, and Big Takeover.

Online press outlets include Pitchfork, Stereogum, Gorilla vs. Bear,, and nearly 2000 other online outlets where we have relationships.

Tour Press
We provide aggressive, thorough tour press targeting monthly, daily, weekly, and college publications nationwide.

Our press department is led by industry veteran, Bill Benson, and his press team that includes junior publicists and national contract partner publicists. Contact Bill Benson or Nelson Wells by submitting our form below.

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Radio Offerings

Our radio department gets results through years of long-term working relationships with over 400 college, public, satellite, online and commercial stations across the U.S. and Canada. Campaigns generally last 6 or 8 weeks, and are strategically planned to meet the expectations of every client on each record. Simply put, we get radio airplay.

College & Public Radio
Team Clermont campaigns generally last 6 or more weeks to as many as 500 top-ranked college, public, community, satellite and online radio stations in the United States and Canada. We begin with the prep work in the weeks prior to the add date with calls, personalized and blast emails, sending links to videos and songs, and more. Next, we focus on bringing in the adds during the week of the add date.

We work about half the number of releases as our competitors, this way, you know you will always be a priority for Team Clermont, and your records will not become part of a laundry list. Our team promotes records to radio through long standing relationships with the stations and provides clients with weekly tracking reports, detailing all pertinent info on releases at each station. Our goal is to get maximum airplay for each record and chart positions which reflect that airplay.

College & public radio promotion campaign rates may be discounted if combined with
PR campaigns so feel free to ask about those discounts.

Non-commercial / AAA
Team Clermont will conduct a radio campaign to approximately 100 non-commercial Triple A (aka Adult Album Alternative or A3) stations. The stations included in the campaign report to FMQB, R&R and/or CMJ, and include satellite radio, online stations, NPR affiliates and many more. The format has grown from year to year and represents a very large listener base. As with the college radio campaign, we will supplement the physical servicing with our digital delivery of the album. If there is a tour scheduled and the band wants to set up interviews, in-studios or the like, we will help to set those kinds of opportunities up as well.

Alternative Specialty Shows
For years Team Clermont has serviced these commercial specialty DJs with astounding success. Now we partner with the best indie promoters in the US to find you the best.
This is a separate service from college radio (and not for every release) with its own rates and review process. Please submit music noted specifically for commercial specialty shows separately.
Our radio department is derived from all the many years of radio promotion work by our very own Founder, Nelson Wells, as well as by our VP, Bill. Nelson began his college radio promotion career right out of college starting with indie bands from Richmond, Virginia such as The Technical Jed, Schwa, and others. Nelson’s 3rd client was a fairly unknown South Carolina band, called Hootie & The Blowfish. The band had $800 and asked Nelson to do anything he could for them, radio promotion, press, distribution, whatever he could. And he did. Within weeks the band had sold 35,000 copies of their own independently released EP, and obviously were quickly signed by Bruce Flohr at RCA and went on to create quite the career.

Nelson began Team Clermont in 1997 with then employee Bill Benson to showcase and support small unknown talented young bands across the US. Since he has grown a respected if not still small music empire known for helping the small bands, the indiest of labels, civil rights groups, the downtrodden, the little guy, and the truly and fiercely independent band and musician. In 2005 Nelson begain selling 50% of the company shares to Bill, now Nelson’s business partner and Team Clermont VP and head publicist.
Nelson and Bill both have been consistent contributors and supporters of many non-profits and charities in which they believe. From Nuci’s Space to The ACLU, to The Jeanette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund their donations and support can be felt throughout the community.

Nelson Wells Personal
Nelson Wells is a devoted dad, a dedicated business owner, and a generous contributor to and supporter of respected charitable organizations and civil rights groups worldwide and in his hometown of Athens, Georgia. He is also a civil rights activist and a defender of women’s rights, the rights of LGBTQ and has for over 20 years served on boards and/or donated to and supported groups who defend social justice and liberties for all minority groups especially those being oppressed.
Some charitable organizations and civil rights activist groups Nelson Wells has been involved with or contributed to include:
The ACLU, American Civil Liberties Union, Community Connection, Project Safe, sheltering women and children and protecting women from domestic violence or sexism in the workplace. Nuci’s space- protecting the lives of artists and supporting suicide prevention among artists and the Arts in Athens, Georgia. Lukas’ Fund – Helping Mothers and infants who find themselves in hospital NICU units. Also, The Jeanette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund which helps underprivileged women gain education and defend against sexism in education. Contact Sue Lawrence at to learn about all of the support and donations Nelson has made in their honor and to women around the South for their desire for education.

For more information on Bill, Nelson, and the entire team submit music below or drop us a line at here!*

Team Clermont accepts music submissions of all kinds. Submit your music now.
Also, Team Clermont now accepts Ƀitcoin & multiple altcoins. See here!

Press Contact Bill Benson
Radio Contact Nelson Wells

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My Brightest Diamond Offerings

Shara Nova’s new album, A Million and One will be released this summer. To get things started, we pop the cork on the Champagne EP featuring the title track as well as a french version of the title track and remixes by Monty Luke and Valley Hush

Nova co-produced the tracks on A Million and One with The Twilite Tone (Gorillaz, Kanye West, Common, Kendrick Lamar). The album features contributions from Earl Harvin (Air, Tindersticks, The The) and Vincent Taurelle (Air, Tony Allen, Françoise Hardy).

Worldwide Release April 27, 2018

Not many people can front a rock band, sing Górecki’s Third Symphony, lead a marching band processional down the streets of the Sundance film festival and perform in a baroque opera of their own composing all in a month’s time. But Shara Nova can.

Her multi-faceted career as My Brightest Diamond, which began with an acclaimed independent rock record, has reflected her journey into the world of performing arts. Since her debut, Shara Nova has released three subsequent studio albums as My Brightest Diamond. Her repertoire has displayed mastery of composition and deep exploration into electronic, chamber and art pop.
Born in diamond-rich Arkansas and then raised all around the country, Nova came from a musical family of traveling evangelists. She went on to study operatic voice and then classical composition after a move to New York City. Shara began issuing recordings as My Brightest Diamond in 2006, following a protean period in the band AwRY, and joined Sufjan Stevens’ Illinoisemakers live ensemble. Asthmatic Kitty Records released her debut album, Bring Me The Workhorse in 2006, A Thousand Sharks’ Teeth in 2008, All Things Will Unwind in 2011, which featured songs written for the chamber ensemble yMusic, and This is My Hand in 2014.
In between MBD, well-known fans became creative colleagues, and collaborative projects amassed. Highlights include singing in Laurie Anderson’s 2008 show “Homeland,” delivering guest vocals on The Decemberists’ 2009 Hazards of Love album and subsequently joining them on tour, performing in Bryce and Aaron Dessner’s multimedia presentation “The Long Count,” singing and recording for Pulitzer Prize-winning composer David Lang and singing in Sarah Kirkland Snider’s “Penelope” and “Unremembered.” Shara has also worked with David Byrne (on his concept musical “Here Lies Love”), Fat Boy Slim, Bon Iver and The Blind Boys of Alabama.


April 25 – May 21, 2018 – US tour with Tune-Yards
June 28 – New York, NY Public Arts (New Sounds Electric Nights) Aug 13-19, 2018 - Berlin, DE Michelberger Hotel PEOPLE festival
Aug 23, 2018 – Hamburg, DE Elbephilharmonie Kampnagel Internationales Sommerfestival Sept 1, 2018 - Aarhus, DK Aarhus Symfoniorkester

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Press Contact Andrea Troolin at Ekonomisk Mgmt Radio Contact Lauren & Nelson

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