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Everyone Is Dirty

Paper Cutout
Release Date: October 30, 2020


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Amidst a shelter-in-place and a new normal, a new Everyone Is Dirty album is brewing. The album’s first single & video is “Paper Cutout,” a pop art painting with scan lines that moves to a summer jam turned summer nightmare- it could only have happened in 2020.

If you didn’t know, before Shelter in Space 2020, Everyone is Dirty played a lot of high-energy rock shows in the Bay Area. Once you get hooked on that electric violin, blissful vocal harmony and electric bass percussion rumble that’ll be it.

At their last show before COVID-19 (opening for Luna), Everyone Is Dirty met video-artist Zachary Rodell. Rodell did the projections for the show that featured glitchtastic underwater footage capturing the band’s love-sick-at-sea lullaby set; think big string harmonies and guitar mixed with vocal swoons to leave you gasping for air.

It was in the greenroom after the show when Sivan Lioncub & Rodell talked about collaborating on a video of “Paper Cutout.”

Rodell says he “used liquid art and song references of content as the backdrop for this video.” Sivan edited the 6:28 video which she only could have done during shelter-in-place and Rodell “took that edit and added multiple layers of glitch analog circuit bent video, with processors and a French video encryptor, blending them together. The result is this pop art painting with scan lines.”

“Paper Cutout” will be a single off the band’s upcoming record, eine kleine jukebox baby, a collection of songs that started out as a tribute to Sivan’s grandfather, Henry Drejer, a holocaust survivor. As we took a turn into 2020, the album began to take on the current state of affairs, so it feels more like a WW3 prophesy, exploring blissful dream-states sandwiched between abstract scenes of violence & political unrest.

In tandem with the album’s theme, “Paper Cutout” also starts blissfully and ends violently. The song opens with Sivan’s lyrics about self love, leisure, and escape.

I love my paper cutout
on the mattress
I love my paper cutout
that’s why I shoot out
into the abyss
Fly around the world from flower to flower like a hummingbird
I’m a hummingbird

The song picks up energy at the chorus, but stays upbeat, as Sivan sings about a painter and a mysterious man running away down alleyways with someone’s face.

And the painter paints
in the alleyways
while the man escapes with the details of your face

As soon as you are lulled into a sense of security, the rug gets pulled out from under you and you drop into an evil pain spiral, aka part 2 of “Paper Cutout”, an experimental noise soundscape with weird electric violin sounds, howls, and a mean pulse.
Chris Daddio recorded and mixed the song with bassist Tyler English, drummer Jake Kopulsky, and Sivan on violin and vocals at Donut Time Audio, Chris & Sivan’s homespun recording studio Oakland.
Sivan is also a porn editor for filmmaker/pornographer Shine Louise Houston and The Crashpad Series, a feminist body positive queer porn site. “I believe that porn and sex work is extremely important — right now especially — there’s a lot of loneliness and need for companionship and the release that sex work provides.”
Pink & White Productions, where the series is taped was the perfect place to shoot the video.
To get the silhouette effect, the band set up a simple light. Tyler danced in his special Spanish heels and they filmed Sivan dancing naked behind a sheet.

Photo by Ginger Fierstein, Art Direction by Jazmine Schwinges.


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