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Human Barbie

"Get A Life"
(Poor Man Records)
Release Date: June 3, 2020


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From the first verse of the opening track “We Disappeared,” to the final refrain of the album closer “Be Careful What You Wish For,” it’s clear that something here is off. But that something, bathed in the soft, glimmering textures of elegant vocals, chamber reverb and analog tape, is hidden in plain sight. Much like the band’s namesake, Human Barbie is testament to slow and deleterious violence of beauty.

The track “Get a Life,” from which the album takes its name, offers the clearest view into what Human Barbie frontman, producer, and songwriter Christopher Leopold calls a “snapshot of one person’s experience of confusion, sadness, and resolve.” But what’s apparent from the totality of the songs which comprise Get a Life is that the resolve is merely a hope. From the ashes of the life Leopold calls on the listener to burn in the opening lines of the title track, there will rise no Phoenix. Instead, the song—as with many of the songs from Get a Life—is stuck in the perpetual violence of the ouroboros snake, forever eating its own tail. And if there is any single, clear message of the ouroboros, it is that of pain. The pain of knowing. Of simply being alive. Of having no clear way through the dark, but pressing ahead anyway.

When we look at the world and all of its grotesque, unctuous virtue, slathered in saturated beauty, we often forget our part in all that. Are we the boot or the face it’s stepping on? Through the delicate lens Human Barbie has crafted for us throughout Get a Life, it is clear we are both. We are the predator and prey in the inescapable human drama of our own creation. “So get a life,” Leopold sings, “like everyone.”


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