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Troubadour and the Sword

Troubadour and the Sword
(Holy Organs Music Co)
Add Date: NOW


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Troubadour and the Sword is a project based in Seattle. With synths and guitars, singer-songwriter Jacob Kelly creates sounds inspired by everything from the video game music of the ‘90s to Frank Ocean, from Pink Floyd to Brittany Howard, inspired equally by Aesop Rock and Jim James.

On the current climate of releasing music and the black lives movement, Jacob offers, “I’ve debated internally over whether now is an appropriate time for me to be releasing music. I think it’s a chance for me to be honest about where my music comes from, and how indebted we are to Black artists and culture.
These songs wouldn’t exist without Black culture.
The 808 bass lines wouldn’t exist without Black culture.
The trip-hop beats wouldn’t exist without Black culture.
The jazz piano and Rhodes lines wouldn’t exist without Black culture.
The way the rhymes are constructed in the verses wouldn’t exist without Black culture.
People in privileged positions like myself have benefited greatly from Black artists and culture. It has enriched our lives in so many ways.” It’s time we stand up and make the inequalities known and do something about it.
“Black lives matter. Let’s start acting like it.
Today I’m donating to @nw_community_bail_fund, and I hope you will too.”

When reviewing this album, slip on your slippers and sip on your nightcap — warm tones with a tinge of psychedelia are in store.


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