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Release Date: May 1, 2020
Add Date: MAY 5



Pezzettino, a project name for Margaret Stutt’s music since 2008, is releasing 10” EP Venus, her 11th release under that name. Margaret Stutt is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter that was trained on piano and self-taught on her father’s accordion (which she converted to enable amplification). When she started, living in Milwaukee, she gained national college radio play and press coverage, and immediately began touring solo across the Midwest and East Coast. However, the quick public attention and crowd support created internalized pressure, which met its peak when she had a psychotic break in 2012 while recording the album Phoric. Now living in Oakland, she has found freedom in being relatively unknown, refraining from performance and continuing to release recordings independently.

“Music and art has brought my life significant meaning since I was a kid, but it has also been a journey of figuring out what role it plays. I am not the type who enjoys playing casually. I write because I have to, because I need to get something off my chest or need the outlet to figure something out, for the necessity of defining a feeling so that I can move on from it or learn its lesson. I used to thrive on the adrenaline of performing, the freedom of touring on an open road, I absolutely loved connecting with people at shows… but there’s nothing that I want to do less now. What I enjoy is living a relatively normcore life, with the freedom to figure out what it means to be human, through this medium at my own pace. I don’t really care if loads of people like the music or about making it big.

Of course, I do find pleasure when people find some friendship in the music, if someone out there feels connection while listening. I’m an old $%^& who is pretty satisfied with small pleasures, I enjoy the flavor of fruit and the color of sunsets. I can’t believe how many sunsets I wasted in my 20s. There is so much to be found beneath the surface of everyday, boring life. I used to think success meant going all out, getting signed to some label, releasing big budget music videos and being in all the magazines. But it turns out I make better work when I take the pressure completely off and am a small fry. Success to me means that I’m well rested, fed, healthy, that I care for and am cared for by others. Success to me means having the opportunity each day to witness beauty in life, big or small. I just so happen to write music along the way to help me through.

It’s such a luxury to get outside of your head. There isn’t one way to be a successful creative. Some people work best when they write everyday. For other people like me, writing is seasonal, like farming. Sometimes it’s better if the field rests, or goes through winter, if you nourish it with other inspiring experiences, if you process the experience of living for a while. I’ve been releasing albums now for 12 years and I keep thinking each one is my last. By now, I’m beginning to trust that the music always comes back. Sometimes, maybe, I just need a little breathing room to simply be in the world. So if you’re an angsty creative, maybe you can join me in trying to be less judgmental of your process. Maybe you can join me in some level of acceptance.

My hope is that by sharing, it might land in someone’s ears, somewhere, somehow, that it finds them wherever they are, and that they feel a glimpse of belonging to this world. It’s all about belonging, to ourselves and to each other.

Photos: Lois Bielefeld


Press Contact:Bill Benson

Radio Contact:Adam & Nelson

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