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Riches of the Poor

The Long Way Down
(Crocodile Tears)
Release Date: June 19, 2020
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On their heart-wrenchingly sincere album The Long Way Down, German alt-rockers Riches Of The Poor show a mastery of melody, texture, and melancholy. The Berlin based quartet displays a rare synergy in which every instrument plays a vital role. With atmospheric guitars floating merging with aggressive rock beats, they write cathartic songs that speak directly to the lovesick heart.

Born in Philadelphia to Israeli parents, songwriter and frontman Miky moved all over the globe before finally settling in Berlin in 2004. Having already spent his youth playing in a variety of indie bands, he fit right in with the city’s thriving musical underground. After a stint as a solo artist, he found kindred spirits in Simon, Daniel, and Ferdinand and together they began working on the songs that would later become The Long Way Down. Their similar artistic backgrounds and views allowed them to seamlessly merge into one identity, finding solace in expressing their inner pain through music.

“There’s an almost comic element to this angry complaining,” Miky says, explaining the tension between joy and sorrow contained within their songs. For a band named after a Morrissey lyric, it should come as no surprise that Riches Of The Poor are capable of finding humor in the loneliest places. This contradiction is at the heart of their personality and is what keeps their songs so engaging and relatable.

For fans of The Cure, The National, and other indie heroes known for turning misery into hook-heavy anthems, Riches Of The Poor will be a diamond in the rough. Romantic, angsty, and full of life-affirming moments, The Long Way Down shows a confident band at the peak of their powers.

George Wilson

Photos: Luciana Damiao


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