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Sex People

"Sling Slang"
Release Date: April 3, 2020


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Sex People is an experimental pop group formed in downtown Los Angeles and headed by queer singer/songwriter, Knarfy. Alongside Knarfy on their debut three-part EP series Cal-Island, stars Nigerian born vocalist F.I.T., LA native multi-instrumentalist Al Dubon, and guest stars vocalists Jules Lee (on Season 2), and Anna Christensen (on Season 3). Sex People worked with samUIL and Hobyn Yi of Kairos Music Group, a studio focused otherwise on Korean and Chinese Pop productions, to produce Cal-Island. The content of Sex People music is inspired by the life of Knarfy and focuses on depicting personal stories from the LA underground sex scene coupled with real life monogamous relationships of true love. Each season spans several genres from rap to punk to RnB to electronica, all the while with the same voices and characters guiding things along.

Sex People released from the Cal-Island series, their debut EP Cal-Island Season 1, to a positive critical reception. They immediately followed up by beginning work on their second album but unfortunately a hotel smashing, binge drinking individual involved in the project took the Season 2 recordings hostage. During that time a discouraged Knarfy began work on the third installment of Cal-Island. By the time Sex People were in the studio to record half a year later, Sex People had finally gotten the recordings for Season 2 back unharmed. Over the next few months Knarfy, along with samUIL and Hobyn Yi, polished up both EPs and prepared them for release. Though intended to be released separately, Sex People decided to not hold up future production and release both at the same time.

Sex People are now playing shows in downtown LA, working on a full-length album titled Sex After Death, developing a narrative web series about the band called SPTV, and have recently completed a music video for the song Sling Slang.”

Between the 16th and 18th centuries it was commonly believed in Europe that California was in fact an island paradise not unlike the Garden of Eden but, populated entirely by women and ruled by a single queen. Today there still exists myths about what California (and especially Hollywood) truly is, myths of romance, lust, and eternal love. Cal-Island is a modern telling of dreamers entering the Island of California seeking paradise and romance but instead finding a world of promiscuity, violence, and shame. Cal-Island tells the story of our characters growing up and struggling with finding the balance between true love and fleeting lust. After they have been heartbroken and have fallen to their lowest points, they find solace in one another, themselves, and in their love for the island as a whole.

Photos by Alanna Durkee and Kilo Alexander


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