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Bridey Murphy
Release Date: March 13, 2020


"Bridey Murphy"

The upcoming EP Bridey Murphy – written, recorded, and performed by Jay Tonne – formerly singer and songwriter of Austin’s Black Forest Fire – is an upbeat and heavy but yet poppy, melodic, and guitar-driven indie-rock powerhouse collection of songs with an uniquely original sound inspired by 1980’s and early ‘90’s guitar bands such as Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., and early REM. In addition is the influence of recent Rock contributors like DIIV and Drake’s Hotel as well as revived early ‘90’s groundbreakers like Swervedriver, Slowdive, and My Bloody Valentine.

Tonne’s vocals vacillate between light, sweet tones with the unlikely combination of compassion and attitude along with lyrical social commentary on the moving and melodic Catalina and Jesus, Julie Christie. Meanwhile, his high, light, and nearly whispered lyrics provide a striking dichotomy over the heavily distorted guitars of A Perfect Dream. And his restrained vocal style adds a particular irony to the mellow, early REM-esq Great Game’s striking social commentary.

Overall, the four song EP highlight Tonne’s unique and carefully crafted contradictory vocal tone and lyrical content – moving seamlessly between love and relationships with social and political critiques – all while highlighting his lifelong love with arpeggiated and melodic guitar; heavy, driving bass and drums, and the contrasts between powerful and distorted but beautiful and melodic rock music.

After Black Forest Fire’s tear through Austin’s music scene and the release of their Transit of Venus debut – a heavy, driving, reverb, and distorted psychedelic, shoegaze record – recorded by Frenchie Smith at The Bubble and mixed by Eric Wofford (with the cover art expertly performed by the infamous Storm Thorgerson of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin fame, now sadly recently passed); a work frequently compared to other contemporary Austin bands like the Black Angels or the latest My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive releases, Jay moved back to his home state of Colorado to pursue his master’s degree in Energy and Environmental Policy when his other bandmates became distracted by life’s other inevitable issues.

Despite working overtime on his schoolwork, Jay attempted to move on with his music; however, whenever he attempted to write new material he returned again and again to the sounds and melodies that became the Bridey Murphy EP. Without a band to work with and little spare time, he began recording the sounds that formed the framework of what became Bridey Murphy.

Completing the work at Fort Collins’ own powerhouse, the Blasting Room, a studio formed in the ‘90’s by members of ALL and The Descendants amongst others, he worked with producer Jason Livermore to complete the Bridey Murphy EP. Despite having other songs in the works, he and Jason decided the four songs fit well together to form a short and poignant four song recording.

Using the basics of the EP, Jay was able to recruit new Denver bandmates, and their first show, as Bridey Murphy, will correspond to the digital release of the EP in mid-Spring. They are also working on a new full-length recording, which they hope to begin serious work on this summer.

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