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Mount Hudson

"Lakeside Water"
Release Date: January 24, 2020


""Lakeside Water""

Mount Hudson is an indie music project grounded in the acoustic traditions of American folk music with distinctly modern pop sensibilities and an ever-expanding sonic palette. Based out of Brooklyn, NY, Mount Hudson is the main musical vehicle for Dave Yim.

After a youth of learning classical piano and playing drums in rock bands, Yim started writing songs in his NYU dorm room with an old laptop computer and an acoustic guitar. He experimented with different styles of production and performance, from Postal Service-esque productions smothering in Autotune to his post-college bluesy bar-rock band. Yim finally found his voice in the world of folk. The soft chords and simple melodies were a welcome backdrop for the fledgling singer, while the timeless sound let the lyrics of the songs bloom at their own pace.

Mount Hudson’s four-track debut EP, Sad and Silly, was released in 2016. A homegrown affair, Yim brought together old friends and new acquittances from across New York City and up into Catskills. Eager to keep the momentum going, Yim went back to songs he’d demoed years earlier. Now entering his 30s, he developed these songs into pieces that could age along with him. With producer and engineer Aaron Bastinelli at the helm, the new Mount Hudson team knew that they wanted something bigger and bolder, but with the same warm, roots style that has come to define the Mount Hudson sound. In late 2018, Mount Hudson released the first of these batch of songs, “Write a Book,” an upbeat traveling song with a country sheen. In January 2020, Mount Hudson will release the ballad “Lakeside Water,” a sweeping plea to the power of lifelong love.

Written by: Dave Yim
Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by: Aaron Bastinelli

Performed by:
Dave Yim (acoustic guitar, vocals)
Deb Oh (vocals, piano)
Marcus Bagala (mandolin, electric guitar)
Martin Fowler (bass)
Rob Heath (drums)
Andrew Miramonti (organ)
Claire Wellin (violin)


Photos: Shervin Lainez

Press Contact:Bill Benson

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