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When You Coming Home
(Bird Drop)
Add Date: DEC 3

Ruark and his band are from South Arkansas. Their music consists of engaging original songs. The band’s influenced by folk rock with dashes of every other genre one could imagine. Their first album is called When You Coming Home, and they are playing shows to support it. The members of the band are Ruark on guitar and vocals, Alexa Joyce on bass and backing vocals, and Jeff Greer on drums and backing vocals.


Radio Contact: Nelson & Adam

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Athens, Georgia

Band Photos

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Tour Dates

12.13 The End (Nashville, TN)

12.20 The Musician (Leicester, UK)

01.10 TBD w/Tummyache (Dallas, TX)

01.10 TBD w/Broken Baby (Dallas, TX)

01.11 Cheer Up Charlie's w/Tummyache (Austin, TX)

01.11 Cheer Up Charlie's w/Broken Baby (Austin, TX)

01.15 The Satellite w/Tummyache (Los Angeles, CA)

01.15 The Satellite w/Broken Baby (Los Angeles, CA)

01.16 Soda Bar w/Tummyache (San Diego, CA)

01.16 Soda Bar w/Broken Baby (San Diego, CA)

01.19 Neck of the Woods w/Tummyache (San Francisco, CA)

01.19 Neck of the Woods w/Broken Baby (San Francisco, CA)

01.20 Strummers w/Tummyache (Fresno, CA)

01.20 Strummers w/Broken Baby (Fresno, CA)

Band Videos

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