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(Dowd Records)
Release Date: April 17, 2020
Add Date: APR 21


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SoloS (S/T) is a raw collection of far out pop songs. Intense drumming and hooky synth lay a foundation for emotive vocals with angelic harmonies. The duo’s songwriting and playing shine with all of the artists’ trademarks exposed by minimal production.

Singer-songwriter Aaron Ross and multi-instrumentalist Spencer Seim (Hella, The Advantage, Byre) have been friends and mutual admirers of each other’s music since their teens in the late 90s. Aaron joined Spencer’s band Hella for their 2007 album There’s No 666 in Outer Space, and they continued playing together as two-piece SoloS.

Hot off the heels of making their debut studio album, 2012’s Beast of Both Worlds, SoloS went straight back to the garage and recorded this 6-song “demo.” With no direction except a keyboard and drums, what came out of the sessions was an entirely new SoloS. Each song was recorded live with Aaron on keys and Spencer on drums. Once the arrangements were laid to tape, longtime friend and collaborator Jeff Schmidt stepped in to add sprinkles of effected guitar and punchy baritone.

Each song features surprising timing and textures, as parts and changes come together in delightfully unexpected ways. This smoother, melodic EP is a contrast to the rugged, ragged guitar/drum rock of SoloS’ BOBW album, showing a different personality of the band.
Unfortunately, the band went on hiatus shortly after this recording was made and it never surfaced. Until now…

When these stripped-down versions of studio songs-to-be were dug up recently from the archives, we were inspired: the songs didn’t feel like “demos” and were already complete. This 6 song EP fits perfectly with one of Dowd Records missions of showcasing the many unreleased gems of the Nevada City/Grass Valley, California music scene. Enjoy.


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