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"Tired Love"
Release Date: November 15, 2019


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Rowe is the solo project of California-based vocalist and songwriter Becky Filip (formerly of The Honey Trees). Her single “Tired Love”, out November 15th, is a captivating neo soul-inspired ballad that marks Filip’s debut as a solo artist and principal songwriter.

After the breakup of her first band and the end of a long-term relationship, Filip was determined to transform her sound and carve out an independent path for her art and for herself. But first, she had to learn who that was. Her debut was preceded by a tumultuous period of quiet seclusion in a small town on the California coast as she was forced to face herself, heal and learn to make art completely on her own terms. During that time, Filip realized that being alone was not the same thing as being lonely, and that there is vulnerability — but also power — in solitude. In that space, she also gave herself permission to delve deeper into her own musical tastes, and found a stronger affinity for the heartbreaking honesty of Amy Winehouse and the avant-garde of Frank Ocean; elements that would come to inspire her sound.

Filip’s determination to protect her creative autonomy is one reason she teamed up with Nashville-based musician/producer Micah Tawlks, a trusted childhood friend whose role in her life has come full circle with this release. Filip recalls Tawlks being an early musical influence when they were kids. Now, Tawlks is helping Filip fulfill her experimental vision, blending smooth, soulful vocals with smoldering, mid-century jazz instrumentation for a sound both classic and modern.

The opening phrases of “Tired Love” draw the listener in to what is initially to be a timeless, lush ballad. But at the bridge, the track transforms into something more sonically defiant. In this rough tension we feel that something strong and beautiful is growing. “This song isn’t necessarily about one person or relationship,” Filip explains. “It’s about the time when life as I knew it came crashing down, and I realized I could do this on my own. I can be strong just as myself.”

The release of “Tired Love” bridges Rowe’s past and present. The crystalline, enchanting falsetto Filip is known for hints at her past life and the shadows flickering there, but here as Rowe — unflinching and bold — she offers up to her listeners a self that is confident, more powerful, more charged and mature. She may be whispering softly, but the message is loud: here is a woman who is unapologetically herself, standing her ground, and ready to get started.

Photos: Simon Filip

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