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And The Black Feathers

Release Date: November 1, 2019
Add Date: OCT 22


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The car is a cherry red 1970 Chevrolet Nova. The driver accelerates while fiddling with the knob to find a station. The radio fades in and out. Somewhere between Chicago and Detroit on interstate 90. The music on these stations is classic, it’s essential. This music is where … and the Black Feathers gets its roots. From the blues drenched soulful croon you might have heard in a dark bar in Chicago, to the high energy Detroit garage rock bands Mitch Ryder and MC5 played.

Self proclaimed retro pop music, And the Black Feathers find their niche capturing a sound that is unmistakable yet modern. Equal parts emotional and informative. Powerful catchy choruses are met with punchy driven guitars, screaming organs and a rhythm section with swagger. Expect to jump out of your seat. Expect to dance.

And the Black Feathers latest work Sociallusions takes a deeper look into our love and portrayal for social media. A haunting view of the realities we face everyday we turn our phone on.

The first single “Feature” places a playful spotlight on how people pretend to be something they are not. Creating brands and lifestyle simply based on the small window of their lives that they share on social media and in the press. Fabricating their lives through selective posts, expensive model shoots, and always on vacation lifestyle. “Feature” examines what falling in love with a movie icon is like, only to buy a ticket to the next show.

And the Black Feathers have shared the stage with many great bands such as: Thee Oh Sees, The Stone Foxes, Electric Six, and the Soft White Sixties.


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