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Broken Baby

"Meat Week"
(Palo Santo Records)
Release Date: April 19, 2019


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Hot off the heels of their critically-acclaimed 2018 debut LP, Broken Baby’s new, politically-charged, in-your-face track “Meat Week,” which hits digital platforms on April 19, clearly shows the band is not slowing down. What No Depression described as “a thousand bucking broncos stampeding through the front range,” Broken Baby holds true to it muscular freneticism while expanding the palate, adding drummer Brian Griffin and bass player Adam Popick, two long-time touring members of the band, to this new track.

After a spattering of support dates for Dead Sara last year, and Portland’s Summer Cannibals in early 2019, the evident growth of the band, lead by Vesuvius-like frontperson Amber Bollinger, is clear. As much as this new material holds true to what Popdust described as the band’s “lo-fi, unprocessed crunch with a hefty dose of buffed up swish,” “Meat Week” also showcases Bollinger and guitarist/co-writer Alex Dezen’s lyrical prowess and wit in their bold takedown of sexual violence, malignant misogyny, and rightwing fanaticism. And heaven knows, we all need some of that right now.

With a music video to follow, directed by long-time collaborator and Emmy award-winning director Tony Diaz, the three-and-a-half-minute featurette will lay bare the frightening dystopia of our current cultural dysmorphia and prod the open wounds of our ransacked politics. With a few more singles and videos planned for 2019, and supporting tours as well, Broken Baby is here to rescue us from the wreckage of our time.


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Tour Dates

01.10 TBD w/Tummyache (Dallas, TX)

01.11 Cheer Up Charlie's w/Tummyache (Austin, TX)

01.15 The Satellite w/Tummyache (Los Angeles, CA)

01.16 Soda Bar w/Tummyache (San Diego, CA)

01.19 Neck of the Woods w/Tummyache (San Francisco, CA)

01.20 Strummers w/Tummyache (Fresno, CA)

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